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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by California, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Had a fantastic visit to the BR2. There were lots of cars outside, and yet strangely secluded. No doubt people were having great times inside or elsewhere. Hence the services were personal, and I never had to mingle with anyone that I didn't have to.

    As I went in the line-up came out, Melody Lane caught my eyes right away. I had a wonderful time with her and then some: she is absolutely pretty (your pictures don't do you justice), very friendly, very tender, and time spent with her was special. She made the time so pleasant that I extended my stay, and was glad that I did.

    Thank you Melody, I will always remember your pretty eyes and smile. May people you meet make you feel special as well.

  2. California,
    Thanks for that post. I have not heard anything about Melody Lane and it is good to hear a bit of information about her. I had my brother-in-law looking through some of the bunnies' photographs today and given me his opinion of some of the ladies. He had to definitely stop to check out Melody Lane. He said that she was a pretty sweet looking young lady. It's good to hear some more input about the lesser known of the bunnies.

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