Happy Monday with Coco, Maya & Chloe

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by cowboyman, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Mondays aren't at all boring when you start the evening partying with Coco and Maya, talk about amazing! Those two ladies know how to work together! I've never had an experience like it. When I finally left, I knew I didn't want the evening to end so...

    I headed across the highway to BR2, planning to just have a drink and enjoy the scenery there. However, I hooked up with Chloe and we wound up in the VIP room. Sometimes everything works out just right and this was most definitely one of those times. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot...

    Anyway, I'm definitely planning my next visit but it certainly isn't easy deciding where to go...first.
  2. raz42071
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    raz42071 Well-Known Member


    Great taste my friend!!! That is quite a Monday to be sure...
  3. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    Glad you had a great time great choices indeed
  4. Hey cowboy!!!
    I had a great time with you and I cant wait to see you again!! Maybe this time you can put me in the sex swing!!

  5. Damn... I knew I forgot something;-)
  6. Coco and I had a blast! We are looking forward to seeing you again.
  7. redwood
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    redwood Well-Known Member

    WOW, great choices and sounds like a great night. Guess you didn't mind missing Monday night football...lol.
  8. We played a different kind of sport. I don't think he minded at all. :D
  9. CocoBrantley
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    CocoBrantley Well-Known Member

    We had fun with you too sweetie! Maya is great and we always seem to make a fun combination together! Can't wait to see you again!!! xoxo...CoCo

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