Happy Birthday Madam Suzette!!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You surely deserve a WONDERFUL one with all the "hard' stuff you have to deal with at the ranch! LOTS OF LOVE---have a good day!![/color]
  2. Happy Birthday!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Madam Suzette :D
  5. I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday...you deserve it!

  6. Happy Birthday to the #1 Bunny
  7. :)

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest bunny!
  8. WOW! Happy Birthday, Madam Suzette!

    xoxoxoxo Dior
  9. Happy Birthday Madam Suzette you must be what 24 or 25 now ? :wink:
  10. Happy Birthday Mommy!! Hope it is the best one ever!! Hugs and kisses!!
  11. Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!! May all of your wishes and dreams come true everyday. You are the sweetest! :D
  12. Happy Birthday Madam Suzette!! Hope you have a wonderful fun filled day :)
  13. Happy Birthday, Madam Suzette and I hope your birthday will be as special as you! :wink:
  14. Well today is almost over with----Hope you had the greatest day ever! You surely deserve it! You are such a wonderful lady, seem so friendly and sweet! Dennis is such a lucky man to have you around all the time---but on the other hand you are lucky too! To have such a hunky sexy man aroound you! GIVE IT TO HIM MADAM SUZETTE(at least for me)! Well anyways hope your day rocked!! Maybe oneday I'll have the pleasure of meeting such a great person as yourself when I take that HEAVENLY trip to the BIG BUNNY RANCH!!Love ya bunches
  16. Umm if I remember correctly Suzette's Birthday is in December.... HMMMMM...
  18. happy birthday madam

    thanks everybody for the nice wishes but my birthday was dec 7th. but thanks again.
  19. If that's so--forgive me---I just looked at your profile and it had Feb. 28----guess it needs to be changed---but everyone else believed it too--huh! Sorry Suzette--But hope you have a Happy "Suzette-day" everyday!! XOXOXo
  20. LMAO! Goes to show how observant we are! We luv ya Madam Suzette, year round!

    xoxoxoxoxox Dior
  21. :lol: Happy Belated Birthday Madam Suzette
  22. madams birthday

    sorry about that. i just changed it. but thank you everyone for thinking about me.

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