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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Tonight you will see Sean Hannity at the BunnyRanch in his new show on Fox TV.

    Sean was like a cat on a hot tin roof in the ranch. Its one thing for the girls and I to be in his studio in NYC, another to be surrounded by 40 hot Bunny's.

    You will love the part where he interviewed Brooke Taylor, Sean's favorite hooker and Bunny Love www.bunnyranch.com.

    Sean shot a few segments, ck it out tonight at 6 30 PST.
  2. I can't wait Dennis! Thanks for posting the time as I couldn't find it on Seans website... We want to watch it at the Ranch tonite! kisses Fire
  3. n. sannity's america

    saw hannity at the ranch...he's so far beyond square i can't even think of a word...but i'm writing to ask if there is an email at which i can contact you, dennis, about maybe helping the sex workers here in thailand...thanks...
  4. Square isn't even the word. I half expected him to break out a crucifix and start an exorcism.
  5. Only my opinion, but I thought Hannity did a hose job on last night's show. Very selective edits, I think he tried to make Big D. look bad, and his self-righteous baloney was laughable. First, and last time I watch or listen to his B.S.
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    I was of hope that Big D was going to burn sean with his cigar :lol: :lol:
  7. all in all i liked the way it turned out except for when they didnt edit out dennis's cough. We were doing that interview for 30 plus minutes and with no water who wouldnt need atleast one second to clear their throats. The second thing that bugged me was when they zoomed in on the tattoo. Cheap shots taken by an insecure man :p Come on now you didnt think he could be 100% good witch.
  8. "Cheap shot"

    I don't think something is a "cheap shot" if one is proud of something.

    If someone has a tatoo, don't they want it to be prominently displayed unless purposely covered up?

    Just curious about that particular comment. I thought the piece was well done too, and you good lookin' babes got some good publicity which should translate to business!

  9. I thought it was poorly edited to make Hanity look good. The fact he was there for that length of time and it turned into a 3 minute or so segment was complete crap. Hopefully we will get to see more at a later date.
  10. Hannity's show

    Of course the show was edited to make Sean look good -- it is his show!

    If Dennis was in the TV business, he would edit a piece to make himself look good too. That makes good business sense.

    Two hour movies start with hundreds of hours of footage too. That is how both the small and big screens work to get ratings and sell tickets.

    Three minutes to 10 minutes, however long the segment was, was more than most other national TV audiences have gotten to see of the Bunny Ranch. A few minutes with those hot lookin' babes can be nothing but good for them and Hof's pocketbook as well.

    I'd love to have Brook and Bunny and that sweetie Jezebel all in the sack at the same time.

    Hey, I'd also like to have that babe the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin whoever, was bopping, in the sack. What is wrong with those San Francisco "do your own thing" free spirit folks these days? Don't they realize that if she was 100% satisfied with gettin' it from her hubby, she wouldn't have been doing her boss?

    Lighten up "Frisco libs -- you are looking as square as Sean!!!
  11. Yes I know how T.V. works, I work in it. I was just pissed that it was done like that. But I do agree, any pub for the Ranch is good pub.
  12. Hof versus Hannity

    I somehow missed this thread and started a new one on the same subject called "Hof versus Hannity." Sorry! Perhaps the Webmaster can delete it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for putting Sean Hannity in his place when he and his crew visited your establishment. I think Hannity and the rest of us would do well if he would just lighten up, climb down from his high horse and get laid! \:D/
  14. "hate"

    I'm sure that we all respect each others' freedom of speech varied opinions on this board.

    In keeping with that cherished part of Americana, we should also be careful in expressing the "degree" to which we voice those opinions. "Hate" is an extreme word we should probably keep out of our vocabulary altogether.

    I saw a piece on former NBA retired All-Star Tim Hardaway last night, who clearly and directly stated in an interview that he "hates" gays and admitted to being a "homophobe". Not cool! Just because he is in a minority (black) himself doesn't give him the right to slam other minorities, even though he has never met most gays in the world.

    Also, I see you are from Delaware Jenna. Hey, I dislike Joe Biden politically, and was even more disappointed with his recent racist comments about Muslims at 7-Elevens and blacks, but I certainly don't "hate" him any more than you should "hate" Sean Hannity for being a social conservative Christian who has made a personal decision to stay true to his wife both emotionally and physically.

    Many of the rest of us aren't in that camp, but Sean too is entitled to his opinion. And, he doesn't hate anyone. He clearly had a courteous repore with the girls he interviewed, and Dennis Hof, who has been on his show before if I recall.

    Again, in spite of Hannity's differences with most of us on this board on the subject of sex for money, etc., he maintains friendships and is in agreement with many issues with those on the other side of the political fence, particularly on fiscal matters. One issue, in this case a man satisfying his sexual fantasies, and a woman meeting the rent, is never a reason for "hate".

    Just an observation.
  15. what sean did not expect was I pu tout the word that he sold out his high moral bullshit for TV ratings.

    The NY Times even did a 1/2 page on it and it was a commercial of for the Bunnyranch.
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    Sean Hannity, just like any other publicity seeking Talk Show Host that is Anti-LPIN but has a representative of LPIN like Dennis on their show is a hypocrit. They sit back and bitch about it being wrong but love putting the issue before a national audience (Great Publicity for MLBR though) for the sake of generating high ratings.

    What they've essentially done is sell their souls for the almighty dollar. Who are they to criticize Dennis, the Moonlite Bunnyranch or anyone else who'd employed there. A job's a job and anyone wanting to make a buck has to work the last time I checked. And for ladies who decide to pursue LPIN as a career, more power to them, it is their right and it is legal.

    Besides the Cathouse documentarys presented by HBO, which I love, the other show I enjoyed very well was the Dr. Keith Ablow Show. To me, he come across as very open minded yet very opinionated in a positive tone.

    I also remember a few years ago before Cathouse started, of an episode of "Hard Copy" discussing a young lady who was a college student initially going undercover as an LPIN at the MLBR as a part of her course work. Then she decided she liked it so much she became a full time bunny.
  17. I was fascinated watching Sean interact with you, Dennis. Very revealing. One way or another, he is in bed with us O:)
  18. Dennis Said

    I have to agree with Dennis, there is no such thing as bad publicity.I mean look at Dennis Rodman, and Madonna, they extended thier carrers by publicity because it put butt's in the seats.People wanted to flock to them to see what they would do next.. I dunno just my personal opinion.
  19. You were paying attention and you are right on.

    Sean is in bed with us, he sold out for ratings and got what he wanted.

    Sean also brought us gigantic exposure putting the Bunnyranch in the homes of America at 6 30 pm sunday night.

  20. Re: "Cheap shot"

    answer me this....what the fuck does a tattoo have to do with anything???? the piece wasnt about body art it was about dennis hof and his world famous brothel. Much like the shot of dennis clearing his throat. They could of just as easily used the take when he didnt have to clear his throat. Much like they could of used any other hours of footage instead of the 3 seconds of footage focused on her tattoo. What does it have to do with anything???
  21. Re: "Cheap shot"

    Apparently it has to do with you, and you increased your visibility and potential business by being part of the segment. If it is your tatoo, it is part of you -- otherwise the cameraman wouldn't have been necessary, and they would have done the interview on radio.

    I presume you are proud of your tatoo, or wouldn't have gotten it. I don't happen to have one, but if I did, and it was visible, I would be proud to show it off if I was promoting myself --particulary if I was a woman and played for pay.

    By the way, did you ask Sean why he didn't direct his editors to show more of your beautiful face and edit out Dennis bodily noises? I know you and he are buddies now, based on reading your previous posts.

    I'm one guy who really can't be "categorized" in the "us vs. them" game, as I happen to like you and the other bunnies I've communicated with or spoken to, and I like Dennis AND I like Sean, even though he is MUCH more conservative sexually than I.

    There are a lot of us out here across the country who are conservative fiscally and on some social issues, but are liberal as hell sexually speaking (except for child porn, which is sicko) I like peace, prosperity and sexual freedom, but I don't like the rest of our freedoms fucked with - I'd have, if necessary to protect my country, destroyed the whole Islam world just to find and kill bin laden.

    mac :D
  22. Re: "Cheap shot"

    Dude its not even my tattoo
  23. Tatoo who?

    No problem. My comments are directed then to whoever's tatoo it is.

    You're lookin' good bunny.

  24. I think you all are thinking of Karla Kubanas tattoo!

    I have a tattoo.... waited for many years to get it and I love it! It has many special meanings to me....
  25. Re: Dennis Said

    I've been a lifelong Republican and a fan of Fox News, but when I saw that interview, I felt that Hannity had it all wrong - on the surface. Dennis handled himself pretty well in the interview and I just wish the Republican party wasn't so @$#%#@ uptight about sex.

    I agree on publicity angle... The Republican party does need to send more it's own to MLBR - LOL.

    I did get the feeling that Shawn was just putting on the show that was expected of him. After all, he could have done the interviews anywhere. Instead, he put himself through the horror of doing the interview is *such* a difficult place, didn't he?

    Frankly, I hope one of the ladies took him aside and helped his hangup issues to be no more - LOL

    Rock on MLBR!

  26. Re: Dennis Said

    Well it's a political thing. Ever since the Republicans embraced the Religious Right it's done them harm. Barry Goldwater had it right in believing that one's personal issues or feelings(Abortion, Gay Marriage) have no place being Political issues. It's nonsense and has done nothing but do harm to this country making the political divide worse and more heated. I consider myself to be an Economic Liberal/Libertarian with one social tendency with a bit of Anacharchistic swing. In English as part of it, well I don't trust the Government or Big Business more then I can throw them.
    The way I feel about both parties is they're two sides of the same coins and I see it with certain issues.
    Sean Hannity is crap and so are most Liberal talk show hosts as well. Very few of these, if any, have an honest dialogue. I won't elaborate anymore as it would turn into a giant rant about how I don't like where my country is heading among other things but if someone wants to hear about it PM me.
    edit: Just had to add the hypocracy about FOX News acting as the moral benchmark with their host when FOX has some of the TRASHIEST programming on air. With having the label of doing edgy programming I suppose this is to be expected though I would prefer it with scripted shows over Reality stuff.
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    8) I enjoyed watching Brooke Taylor and especially Bunny Love handle the somewhat like able, usually entertaining, and always self righteous Sean Hannity during their interview. =D> [smilie=to funny.gif]
  28. thanks italian stallion
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    Your welcome.
  30. anytime baby
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    :wink: \:D/
  32. r ya doin the hokey pokey
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  34. Sean shows more footage

    I saw "Hannity's America" last night, July 29, as he showed more footage from his January visit to the Bunny Ranch.

    He showed more girls and didn't zero in on tatoos, show coughs or attempt to portray anyone in a bad light -- simply asked some questions, exchanged some opinions and gave the Hof interest more beneficial publicity.

    I was glad to see this, as there were some comments previously about "overselective footage". Hannity probably heard about this and aired some an additional segment.


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