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  1. OK probably wondering what this thread is about time to get straight to the point.

    I think it would be safe to say we've all heard about Twitter blocking Caressa Kisses Account. Well before that I saw one of the photos that she has on her account and the message board, and it started getting me thinking about a particular comic book heroine. But then I started jumping around thinking about other comic book characters across the board and then I stopped on this particular character. Let me just say first is that this one this character has at least two live action movies under its belt in Hollywood.

    There also is some animated films based on this character. I thought of one of my favorites, and that one has two scenes that I like one's a flashback, and the other one is the conclusion right before the end of the movie. Anyway, the photo of Caressa made me end up thinking that of this character and then suddenly I thought of when I wonder if Caressa Kisses would be perfect for playing a particular character in that comic book characters universe. Then it hit me like in the movie the original movie back to the future where lightning strikes the Clocktower the exact moment you saw the lighting strike in the film, and suddenly the creative juices went everywhere, and it was like if you added the right balance of the sexual twist to the already existing scene.

    It would be like a funny scene to do like a short mini-play on the sort of like on Broadway in New York City but since it's a comic book character it would be perfect to do on Halloween. The actual day of Halloween and I have an excellent cast for playing the Scene. Dennis, Air Force Amy, Caressa Kisses, Harley Lane, and of course last but not least Me. But then the other scene I was thinking for a cast was Ivy Mae, Me, Dennis, before Domino's passing him being mostly himself but a part for him as well, Air Force Amy, One particular board member, Two New Bunnies, Caressa Kisses, Madame Suzette.

    Then of course. I would have a few mandatory rules want the first scene I talked about nobody can tell Dennis what his character is if you were part of putting this little play together or part of the cast. That's one rule. Rule two is that anybody that was part of rule one told any of the girls at any of the houses what character Dennis was playing and spoil the surprise would be in of trouble so no telling the girls either. Then finally for making this a reality rule have Suzette be the deciding factor of the script, in other words, the final draft would be her call. Then too maybe, since there are a few guys in the play not many maybe if we're lucky to get Heidi Fleiss to use some Hollywood connections. If she's got any left, I don't know about this myself but get some Hollywood-level quality costumes for us guys and for the ladies you know. I don't think it would be that hard to get them some sexy costumes for their characters.

    The hard part would be for me. Which is creating a handful drafts that were funny that were balanced with these elements comic book, comedy, tragedy and finally sexual twist? Then, of course, making sure that it is well-balanced across the board for these items and narrowing it down to five drafts of the script loosely based off of the original script from this animated movie tweet and Suzette deciding the final draft all before October 15. Giving all of the cast members a chance to learn their lines.
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  2. Oh and PS this would be a great outdate for the girls to come see the play with their dates and have fun on Halloween
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  3. [​IMG]

    Gotta be honest, it took me a minute to figure out what you're thinking of. And the lack of proper punctuation and paragraph breaks didn't help. However....

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  4. Yeah because I was writing it using the microphone on my phone so they don't provide the paragraph improper grammar brakes and all that stuff and I'm not good at that stuff either so I'm much more of a talker than a writer
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  5. Once you put it up you can always go in and edit it to at least have line breaks so it reads more cohesively. Otherwise it's just one big page that could easily be written off as tl;dr.
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  6. Thank you for your input and everything I might do that eventually but that revolves around typing and not fond of that.
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  8. The reason why am so secretive about it is that this idea is pure gold, and I don't want to share with anyone in less it is going to become a reality.
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  9. thank you, Ivy, this idea I can't get out my head.
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  11. I did some changes to this idea but i won't what it about but see my girl meets world idea to get sense

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