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  1. I have an important question to ask. I use a Power Wheelchair which requires me to use a ramp or lift equipped vehicle. Do any of you know of any services offered at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport who would take me and pick me up from Bunny Ranch 1? I obviously have to figure this out before I can even consider a trip to the BR. Please provide any help you can or give me a contact of someone who can help.

    Thanks in advance for any information that can be provided.
  2. I see your facility is ADA Accessible, but how about the transportation services you offer? Do you have a van with a lift or ramp? I am trying to arrange a trip to the ranch and cant seen to get back trying to get to the Ranch from the Reno International Airport.
  3. OK I have found accessible taxi's, and a place I can rent a handicapped accessible minivan. Do you have any plans on adding a handicapped accessible minivan to your fleet of vehicles? I would just think you would want to do this since you have made your BR1 accessible. Thank you for that by the way. I am not the only one having this transportation issue. I would like to visit Reno and the Bunny Ranch by myself and I would feel more comfortable using your transportation with a fixed price.

    Any input would be helpful.

  4. im looking for the same info. i use a power chair too and would need a ride with a ramp or lift so i can get to the ranch. im planning a trip to reno too but like Glenn34 it all depends on if i can get a ride to the ranch since the bunny ranch is the reason for my trip.
  5. I know we have a ramp that comes into the side of the building....there may be a new ramp going into the remodel of the front of the building. As for transportation im kinda unsure. *scratches head* Im sure we could work something out for ya :D
  6. i sure hope so bunny. you seem very sweet i cant wait toget out ther and party with u.

    doesn't the front door have a ramp? it looks like it does from the hbo show. i think anyways. i'll have to watch it tonight again to see..
  7. Its something to consider...the BR acquiring a vehicle that loads wheel-chairs. Just not sure about the insurance rates or what kind of insurance you need to transport people in wheel-chairs.

    Not to mention the price of fuel to fill up a bus or van...yikes!

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There's this eccentric guy who transports people in wheel-chairs in a tricked-out bus. Its a bus that looks like a limo. Black on the outside (with tinted windows), a comfortable lighted interior, and his ramp has a red-carpet in it...he calls his wheel-chair customers his VIP customers. :lol:

    A few of the city transit drivers have been asked by him if they'd work for him, but they've all declined. (A transit driver told me about this guy)
  8. Wookie. Thanks for the info! Have any idea how I can get in contact with this guy to check his rates and availability? Sounds a little wild, but I can handle some red carpet. lol
  9. Glenn, you sound like a great guy - hope you have a blast!
  10. Well thank you very much! This is very nice for you to say :) When I make it to the BR I am sure I will have a blast!! Just with which bunny(s) is the major question. ;)
  11. Not sure Glenn, how much time do I have before you plan your visit to Bunny Land? It'd be bitchin' if this guy would work for Dennis, picking up people in w/c at the airports or hotels/motels. I'll start looking in the Yellow Pages for the guy, if I can't find his company's name or the service its listed in, I'll head out to Stockton and ask one of the transit drivers.

    I'm curious to know what the monthly/annual statistics are of people who use mobility, that visit the ranch?
  12. I am not sure when I will make it to the Ranch. At soonest I am guess end of July or sometime in November. It would be awesome if this guy would take W/C clients to the Bunny Ranch! Arrive and come out on Red Carpet. VIP sounds good. lol
  13. Well, it looks like I'm going to have to go to Stockton and find out this guy's information. Ahh, at least I got a good amount of time to do so. Not sure if he goes out of state, but more things for me to check out.
  14. WOW Thanks a lot wookie! How far is Stockton from you? What can I do to show you the appreciation I have for all of your help? You rock!
  15. When you get to the ranch, give Jenny Lane a big ol' hug for me, and a light unsuspecting spank :twisted:

    Don't worry, Stockton is only 15 minutes away from me...quick bus ride

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