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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Maggman, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Well my second trip and what I will call the big trip I had been saving for has come and gone.

    I knew after my first trip that I wanted to have my big trip with Anna. I couldn't decide if I wanted to set an appointment or not till it was actually to late. Anna later told me she returned my last PM about 45 min. before I left home for Lake Tahoe.

    All I can say is that the trip was well worth the wait. I actually booked the party right away and was offered the VIP room which was a big surprise. I wanted to relax for a little bit before the party and talk to some of the other ladies I have met on the boards here. It was nice talking to Maya Love and the stories from Candy (or maybe Candi or some other spelling?) were entertaining. Maya it was nice to finally get to talk to you for a little bit and thanks for the picture. I will have to spend some time there with you soon I think. To all the other ladies I met it was nice meeting you too.

    About this time I was ready to head on back for the real fun. And it was that. I can't speak for Anna but I had a good time. Many people have talked of her beauty being something you have to see in person since pictures aren't enough and this is very true. But in my humble opinion Anna can be compared to some of the most beautiful people I have met. Her smile alone is more than enough. As one might expect the party never can seem to last long enough. But even after our time was through she sat with me in the parlor while I enjoyed more stories and conversation with the other ladies.

    I guess I'm already planning another big trip up there. I will have to see about getting Anna and Maya together this time. But that won't be for awhile. I need to start saving again. I do think I will have to make some more small trips up there when I can.

  2. They say turnabout is fair play (you were the first to reply to my review of Anna a month ago!) ... glad you enjoyed yourself (and Anna; her smile knocked me off the barstool too) ... but it makes me wonder ... who is the luckier man: he who had her last ... or he who'll have her next?
  3. Dave, it was great actually talking to you this time. Anna is one sweet girl and I know she gives great party for I have partied with her as well! She is talented in so many ways!
  4. I am going have to go with anyone who has had the chance to spend time with her is lucky enough.
  5. Like I said before. I might have to get the two of you together some day.
  6. Congrats on a happy and successful visit to the Bunny Ranch. Yet another satisfied customer!
  7. Hey Maggman!

    I'm so glad you had a great experience! I think a two girl party with Maya sounds like a logical next step! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Thanks for coming to see me!
  8. Kandi had some amazing stories when I was there, too. Did you get to see her on the pole? All I can say is wow.
  9. She did do a little thing on the pole while not spilling a glass of champagne that was impressive.
  10. A bump for my bunny of choice.
  11. Miss you, Maggs! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

  12. Well Anna Sorry I've been gone. Been really busy lately. One thing led to another. I told you about that race down to Catalina and how we didn't do so well. But it did lead to some other things. I ended up going back down there to do some work. On boats of course. A local rigger was looking for some help getting boats ready for the transpac. So I made some money. Found a boat who needed crew. And ended up sailing a boat to Hawaii. Not bad for the summer. On top of that I took the 21 footer out about 200 miles offshore and sailed her back home again.

    But I miss you too Anna and one day I will be back.
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    I believe spending any kind of time with Anna would be magical. :D

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