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  1. How about you franchise the bunny ranch wow we could make a killing.....could you see it on the excahange..the symbol could be pus...or cnt...

    Mr Palm Beach
  2. I ma meeting with the publisher of the Eall Street Journal while in NYC
  3. see great minds think alike. i really like your program especially the way your marketing your product.
  4. Dear Mr. Palm Beach,

    I would love to "market" your "product"
  5. well tell more more young lady
  6. I will tell you what I know.

    Great red hair, perfect to pull.

    Nice looking

    Has horses clipity cloping by her house at all hours of the day & night.
  7. "nice looking".... gee thanks... anything can be "nice looking"...You sure know how to turn a person off Dennis
  8. aherrrrr hmmmm
  9. You have to remember.. The quality of women that Dennis is surrounded by each and every day probably makes most good looking women seem somewhat average.

    What a lucky man he is =)
  10. nothing like nice red hair.....and i love to pu;; only gently from underneath.......
  11. "Quality" is a relative term
  12. That's not a very nice thing to say..
  13. New rules .. play nice... mean people are ugly no matter how you look at it.
  14. well amish since i havent seen a pic i cannot comment on apperance but as for personality you get an A ++++++ In my book
  15. Too true..
  16. I still think you have a nice look, thats a big statement from me.
  17. I agree Jenny--mean people are ugly no matter what the outer package looks like.

  18. like my gradnfatehr used to say ....

    "just cause yoyu put a suit on a pig doesnt mean you call him MR PIG "
  19. that's funny, I have to use that one.
  20. Wow ... I hope that you really aren't that insecure or sensitive. Language is all a relative thing ...
    • I have a dear (but somewhat strange at times, lol) friend that once called a trash can 'sexy'
    • I dated a man once that thought 'bitch' was a term of endearment
    • I received a call from a man this week that berated me for using the term 'honey' as he saw it as a derogatory term

    When Dennis says something, he truly means it. Would you rather hear that your looks are 'nice' from a man that appreciates beauty, and makes honest comments (his 'nice looking' is a compliment!); or would you rather hear that you are the most gorgeous, stunning, and breathlessless beautiful creature on earth from a man that only says what he thinks you want to hear?

    Personally, I would choose to take the compliment at face value - and then smile each time that you think about it!
  21. Bunny Banker-

    You hit that nail on the head !! For sure!!

  22. I think if the world spent less time worrying if people really meant something when they give you a compliment then we could spend much more time realizing we're surrounded by people that care about us.

    If the worse thing you hear is each day is that your nice looking then you have a pretty good life.
  23. You are so right JenJen, so right. Well said.

    The more i see you post the more I like you.
  24. Thank you Dennis! If you think you like me now wait till i'm naked with the rest of the bunnies!

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