RANCH SPECIAL Friday the 13th specials with me!

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  1. DesertRose
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    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

    I love fridays, especially fridays that land on the 13th of every month. To me they're not unlucky or a bad omans......

    13 is quite a wonderful number as it's the number of moons cycles in the stary nights of our sky of a full year. 13 has it's lucky moments for me. I truly got to understand how important cycles of life are. Like looking ahead on our calendars how we know it's a change of the year. Yes I know we have 12 months in 1 year though on the calendar it usually comes with 13 months, it makes me plan ahead.

    Here's my idea to celebrate every Friday the 13th with you.
    1. Outdate or mini outdate/ We can take a nightly stroll around the culdesac or else where to watch the stars.

    2. Overnights/ We can stay in house or go out to nice hotel on me .

    3. We can make VIP parties all about doing 13 things together weather it's 13 positions you'd like to try, or any of the specials on my menu, or games.

    4. Half & Half parties can get a special body treatment from me only on Friday the 13th.

    It helps to prebook with 10% deposit for these things so I can know which special you'd like to do with me.
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  2. ChloeCakes
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    ChloeCakes You really can have your cake & eat it too! ✨

    I feel the same way about Friday the 13th! Lovely specials from a lovely lady [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  3. DesertRose
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    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

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  4. DesertRose
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    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

    Happy Friday the 13th you All!
  5. Misty Lane
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    Misty Lane Party starter at Sagebrush Ranch

    Great special! Gentlemen you don't want to miss this one!
  6. KylieBanks
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    KylieBanks Well-Known Member

    Great specials! Happy Friday the 13th xoxo [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  7. Happy Friday 13th girl!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  8. RoxyGold
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    RoxyGold Girl With the Golden Touch

    I like the idea of doing you 13 different ways, @DesertRose! :)
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  9. DesertRose
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    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

    I got lucky last night with the 13 things from a gentleman earlier in the day.

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