Foxy Roxy Rocks !

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by VipGuy, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. It's very rare when I find a working girl that makes such an impression on me as Foxy Roxy did. In fact I think this is the first review I have ever posted on any working girl. I had seen Roxy's pics in the Bunny babes section & caught my eye some time ago. I usually have trouble deciding who to select out of the line up but this time was different. When seeing Roxy in the line up I knew I was going to party with her more then once. I even found my self getting a case of tunnel vision & wanting to party with her exclusively. Which is a very rare thing for me in a brothel because I usually want to party with every girl in the house.

    This girl has got game like you wouldn't believe. She is one of the unsung heroes of the Bunny Ranch in that aside from her pics being posted in the Bunny babe section. She keeps a fairly low profile. She's not a frequent poster on the bunny board & to my knowledge has never made a appearance on Cathouse. Yet I would stack her up against any of the high profile bunnies that you see on Cathouse. As you can see from the pic below her bod is a total knock out. An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. She has a very down to earth & very cute "girl next door" type of personality. She doesn't pressure you to party with her but trust me once you meet her & you will want to party with her. When a girl looks as good as Roxy you don't have to be pressured or enticed in to partying.

    I want go in to a lot of details about the parties I had with Roxy. But I will say that she aims to please & hits that target every time. She puts a lot of energy in to her parties & makes sure your satisfied. I found myself dehydrated & wore out but totally satisfied. I was so impressed with Roxy that I'm trying to coordinate all my future visits when she will be at the ranch. I'm looking forward to partying with her again on future trips to the ranch.

  2. Michael
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    Wow! Now that indeed is a statement. I'm glad you had a blast. This is a report that makes the rest of us with upcoming visits very anxious and eager.
  3. HEYYYYYYY way to talk out our party :( LMAO JK....why is it that we never partied cough cough. JK I'm glad you had fun, and it was nice seein someone from the messageboard in there at the bunny bar! Let me know the next time your comin out okie dokie :)
    ~Bentley Jo
  4. It was great meeting you to Bentley. I love your great sense of humor. I would have partied with you but after my parties with Roxy I only had a $1.43 left (wink) lol.
  5. OHHHH she robed ya, I see how it is! LMAO JK I'm glad you had a great time! I'm just sad that you got to party with her before I did :( haha JK, you better fair warn me next time, so you dont have to lie when sayin you took a Bentley for a test drive, LMAO Bad humor I know
    ~Bentley Jo
  6. not a bad idea. which is better a luxery car or a fast one?
  7. Deff Luxery! If you have a fast car then well....for one you'll be going way to fast and nobody will be able to see you, and for'll be going so fast that you'll wreck(with my luck I would haha) and then you would have no car at all! See my point tee hee
    ~Bentley Jo
  8. luxery rides are nice bentleys ride smooth right? plus u can have more "friends"
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    I have to say somethin here All the bunnies are gorgeous but my top 5 all have that girl next door thing nailed Audrey, maya, Coco, Roxy, Jessica Marie All of them girl next door fantasies come to life only in Bunnyland
  10. Roxy is a sweetie pie !!!!
  11. I have to agree with you Alexis, Foxy Roxy is a sweetie...not to mention sexy, funny and a great dancer! Great choice VIP but you know that already!
  12. YakimaFun
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    We miss Foxy Roxy!!!! Some very good ladies have graced us at the Bunny & Love Ranches.... Wish some would come back to play!

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