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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by fireguy, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Gentlemen:

    Just got in from my first "official" visit to the BR, and wanted to provide some constructive commentary for those boys who may be thinking about heading to CCH (Carson City Heaven) or may be wrestling with should I go or not?

    For those vets who have been there and done know what I am talking about.

    The environment is great...everyone at the BR, from the courtesans to the staff are friendly, polite and guess what - REAL PEOPLE! They do not bite - at least I did not see any bite marks on me that I did not ask for :lol: - and if you are afraid you cannot find your comfort zone there, unless you act like a total ass, believe me you will find it.

    The ladies are all beyond beautiful - and it ain't just skin deep. These gals are truly gorgeous physically, but they also exude class, very diverse personalities, humor, and are at ease talking about everything from Middle East war clashes to the world economy to how the next eco-friendly nuclear warhead is being designed in Carson City by Jenny L and her undercover engineers :lol: (that last one was a joke!) Point is these women are all very beautiful, inside and out, and can stimulate anyone (who has a pulse) both physically and mentally.

    Unlike buying a car from a used car salesperson, when you are ready to discuss a party the ladies are easy to talk to, are not forcing any sale, and make this a non-intrusive event - so if you are concerned here - do not be as long as you realize where you are and who you are talking with - this is an environment you are not going to find across the country, so do not try to compare it to such or commoditize it - I relate back to some of the idiotic past posts from some persons who did not realize that class has a C and an L in front of what they showed they were.

    The staff are first rate - and again treat you like people. My hats off to Tonya for her help - just check her math :p :lol: on occasion!

    I will share some personal observations from some interactions I had with some of the lovely women at the BR:

    Logan (or who I will now refer to as Double L) - boys, if you do not know who Logan is, get on the stick and find out, NOW! This lovely lady is one reason why the ranch is the special place it is. This easy going lass is beautiful on the outside and passionate and even more beautiful on the inside. STL LL - words don't do justice for you, or to thank you for a great day :D . Xie Xie (thank you in Chinese). You made my day, week, month (heck, time is flyin!). This guy is now one of Logan's Legion - and ready to report for duty at any time, any place, any where. :wink:

    Jenny Lane - or should I state GRAND MARSHALL and DRILL MASTER Jenny Lane. This young lady is the real, sassy, hot, and one spicy Italiano :) Her mind is going 100 mph, which allows it to stay even with her 120mph body! Believe me when I say all the good comments you have seen posted don't do this great gal justice. JENNY - thanks for the time, and I enjoyed talking fire and other HOT stuff :lol: I would be happy to be part of your fire brigade anytime!

    Savannah - this little lady has a smile that does not quit, and the personality to match. Watch her and Jenny L. together - devilish is an understated phrase to use to describe what this combo could do! Thank you for keeping the world a better place (I will call this PROJECT 16 or 17 does not equal 18 :lol: ) and for your time and courtesy. Peter Pan better watch his step here :lol:

    Anna - boys if you have not met this lady yet, you better get your tickets now or you will be stuck with SRO! A great smile, hot body, and one "nasty schoolgirl"...loved the pigtails and big smile. Welcome to the BR and many more happy returns!

    To all the other lovely ladies I got the chance to talk to or say "Hello", my hat is off to are all special and all very beautiful. As AC/DC put it (with a little editorial spin here) - for you lovely ladies about to rock - I salute you!

    So now you have it...if any of you gents are thinking about heading to the BR for a first time, my only advice is - get it in gear and get it going, pronto. You will not be disappointed :!: Good Luck and may the force be with you :lol:
  2. Ohhh... Anna was wearing pigtails and a schoolgirl uniform :D , ya gotta like that 8)
  3. It rocked meeting you!! Thank you sooo much for the longhorns hat :)
  4. Hey fireguy,

    Glad to hear you had such a great time! I know we're all we're cracked up to be, but it's good to hear that you thought so too. ;)

    It was great meeting you, and thanks for the yummy pizza lunch. Mmmm.

  5. Thank you so much for the PIZZA and great conversation. It was so great to finally meet you!!

    Savanah Sea
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    April 24 - May 8
    May 30 - June 15
  6. Great write-up fireguy. Glad to see more people are finding out first hand what I've been raving about for a while now. You definately got to experience the type of beauty and class that has become synonymous with the Bunny Ranch. I think it's time we convince Dennis the Bunny Ranch needs it's own Fire Brigade :D
  7. Great report Fireguy.. I love your observations ! We definitely have first-class women at the ranch and I haven't even been there !
  8. Hey Crash - I'm all for the BR Fire Brigade - let's brainstorm. I'm sure Fire Brigadeer General Jenny Lane can help our cause :)

    I've got our catch-phrase - You need firemen to measure the heat, and make sure the temperature is rising!
  9. Michael
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    That's one helluva report. I love your enthusiasm. Can we call this place "The Paradise of the Desert?"

    I'm glad you had a great time.
  10. LOL fireguy. I shudder at the thought of the type of training Fire Marshal Jenny would come up with. :shock:

    I was thinking this slogan would work for our duty tee shirts:

    Bunny Ranch Fire Brigade. Find em hot, Leave em wet.
  11. Crash - Bravo - I think the Brigade has found its platform :lol:

    I'm getting shirts printed up this weekend
  12. s

    8) Thanks for the classy report......good job fireguy.......and Crash, if I was a fireman I'd wear that shirt with pride! :twisted:
  13. Thanks for the pizza. I didn't get to say hello, but I did eat the grub (referring to Crash's report, see I don't miss out on food)
  14. Thank you for taking the time to stop by even with such a busy schedule, Im so glad you got to meet alot of the ladies who are on here, we had a blast hanging out with you and eating lunch. Pizza was wonderful and so were you. Thank you for everything,
    Hugs and Kisses,

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