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    Going on a Tantric Journey involves surrender, yes.
    Involves the utmost not desire but action of letting go.
    If you are in a state of needing to let go and that is all you focus on then you will remain in that state of waiting for it and needing.
    It’s like being in line to take off on a journey and wanting and needing but not taking that step.

    It also involves being in tune with your partner, in this case and for this particular chapter of this blog, it involves being in touch with your woman.

    So let’s suppose your partner is a woman and you have both decided to get tantric and for general purposes let’s just make it simple, let’s say you simply want to give the woman before you a good time.
    Keeping it simple because many many men complain about the woman not “telling” them what she wants.
    But many many times she does.
    She does with her eyes, her face, her hips, her sighs, her quiver, her legs,her muscles, her laugh, her giggle, the arch in her back, the relaxing of her thighs, the rocking of her pelvis area, her hands, her breath, her very own sacred rhythm.

    Understandably men are more logical but many women are not going to want to ruin the moment with a play by play instruction session.

    If you wish to talk about what she likes then talk about it during dinner or on couch time. If you haven’t done what she likes then it can also get tricky. Be prepared to hear what she.experienced with another that drive her mad with ecstasy that you haven’t done. And be open about it instead of being sore over hearing about a past lover.
    A woman who is very Dominant can get off on telling you exactly what she wants but if you are not in tune with her and are not truly connecting then it still will not be your best. For either of you.
    It won’t be spontaneous, flowing and there comes a time when even for a woman giving the play by play instructions while you are down there, it still remains not an absolute surrender for her.

    This can be accomodated through game play, dominant role play and even a few play by play sessions but ultimately if you truly want to be a better lover, a master lover and please HER, then you will have to take off on your own for her to be able to just enjoy it and surrender as well to a much better climax.

    Now, when I say that she tells you what she wants all along with her very being, it’s true. Even the shy ones will be very communicative if you listen.
    Listen with your skin, your touch, your lips,your tongue, your gut, your heart and your ears.
    People say I love pussy. Do they love the pussy or do they love what the pussy provides them with. Do they love and honor and worship that portal of amazing creation or do they just like a warm hole squirming and getting their dick wet enough to pound enough for them themselves to orgasm?

    Big difference. Having the best of both worlds is a better start. The love for your own personal orgasm caused by a wet hungry pussy and your honoring and worshipping of that pussy.

    Even better is just the surrender to the moment of Giving her fulfilment because if she is fulfilled you will be as well at a higher level.

    Now let’s cover some basic technical things.
    The Vagina, Pussy, pleasure filled portal of creation is much more active nerve ending wise and anatomically so than the Cock.

    The lips and folds of the pussy are sensitive. Forget the porn instruction movies you have seen. Throw that shit away for a moment. They have limited time in porn, time is money, fluffers, lights, cameras, the need to get action at the right angle and actors.

    You want to make a porn or do you want to Fuck?

    Because sorry but there is a very big difference. Especially with a lover you are aiming to blow away and pleasure.

    So above all if porn has been your instructor, let that shit go.

    It is for entertainment purposes not for sex ed once you are grown and aiming for more.

    Arousal from porn is lovely but using it as your staple guide is not.

    Or if you want your woman to act like you are doing a good job, then putting it in the hole enough to cum and her saying with lying eyes “that was great honey” and you having to ask “did you can?”. Then go for the average. You want an actor then you get a wonderful actress, since many women are nurturing enough to play that role very well.

    Moving on. The pussy.

    The lips are sensitive but less sensitive than the clit and to give an example you can begin to feel them in between your fingers or between your wet lips. Add sensation to it and make her lick your fingers before going towards her pussy or you lick your fingers yourself.

    Take your time. You haven’t started a fire yet.

    Don’t just spread them or handle them like chopped liver, handle them like petals.

    Easy. Place them in between your two wet fingertips and with pressure varying from high to low play with her lips. Lick them applying different levels of pressure with that tongue of yours. Just like you want her to deep throat it and still run her tongue up and down YOUR cock, you as well learn about tongue pressure.

    The letters of the alphabet do nothing unless you have some flow, pressure, flicking of the tongue and connection to that pussy.

    If you need to, practice on your very own fingers. The center and tip of your tongue can apply a lot of pressure. Your tongue is a muscle. Use it.

    Get comfortable with your jaw. Know your teeth. You can use your teeth more or less depending on her reactions.

    However using your teeth softly to spread open the lips and then holding them open with soft fingertips is much better than just spreading them open like a simian.

    Applying pressure with your tongue to the lips and center line of the pussy is something you can use as a way to learn how much or how little pressure she can handle or likes. As every woman is different.

    Go easy on sticking your fingers inside. First get to know the pussy. And you may find as you go along that some pussy do not need penetration in order to have an amazing orgasm.

    Listen to that. I had many lovers ask me “what do you want me to do for you?” that never played attention to how I came hard as Fuck with just fingers playing with my pussy and amazing kisses and sucking of my nipples! There was seldom need to spend hours down there and tongue ll tiered and getting sore. However they did not listen. So I definitely let them waste their time. And that gets old for Both partners. It’s like ok dummy I came hard as Fuck without you complaining about being down there for hours and you are wanting to give me what YOU saw in the porn and what you assume I want but not what I responded to and what I want … So fine…have at it. It still felt good but wasn’t what I truly enjoyed.

    One time however an easy flowing lover played with my pussy using his fingers without penetration except for when I came at which point he applied pressure to the spot behind the clit and kissed me passionately almost as if wanting to inhale that orgasm.
    He did so over and over licking me in an embrace just enough to give my hips room to wiggle and move while lying face to face on our sides.
    He never said much except for breathing with me and at times breathing slower to get me to breathe slower. But finally he said…“You came again and again my little devil… Mmmmm says the woman who said she was difficult to please” and he was right. I came about eight times and after the first two the sensitivity was raised so that it didn’t take long in between. When I wanted to pull away because it was intense he slowed down enough to measure my desire and tolerance and kissed me or enjoyed my breasts for a while. At times making me feel as if the pleasure ride would be over, to which I responded with sighs and moans and moving my hips with desire again letting him know “don’t stop”.
    He didn’t have to get a verbal play by play.

    At the end I ended up with my head almost touching the floor, my back on the bed, legs up, him holding me by the feet like a wheel barrel and him enjoying me for hours no longer soft but hard and fast as hell lol.
    And I surrendering to the moments of never ending waves of pleasure.

    Be alert to your partners desires. Many times you don’t have to ask just pay attention.

    If a partner puts aside his or her own interests and expectations that partner ends up with less mental chatter going on and being much more able to please his/her woman.

    Another time a partner said “I loved the way you Fed her to me”
    Why yes! Of course he was doing a great job and it wasn’t until my legs rested and my hips went down and I pushed him away saying “Fuck me” that there was any need to speak.

    Now regarding pressure, alertness, being in tune we move on to that clit and the g-spot so many still hunt for.

    At times we don’t know what men expect, if they expect it to be like a buzzer and Buzz them when they find it because the poor souls often go…I can’t feel it or can’t find it.

    It doesn’t scream out “here I am” but there are things you can use as a guide.

    The clit. Find the clit. Once you do explore it with your fingers and tongue.

    When you think of Sex as an art you consider the journeys as a pianist or artist would consider any practice session. As a devotion and dedication to their craft.

    Most of all eliminate the time barrier. Time wants what you have. Let it go.

    There are many things that get in the way of great artist sex and one is the concern with time.
    If she hasn't come in ten minutes don't worry. In another 5 you may get her to multiple orgasms.

    And the same goes for men not being fully erect and a woman stopping and saying "you are not enjoying it?"
    He was but also due to fade expectations many times we ignore that our partner may be enjoying waves of true bliss while not being fully erect.

    We may also find that what got one hard as a baseball bat or wet as Niagara falls is not totally feeling the same on another occasion.

    And that is ok. As an artist, composer, lover, you allow for slight variations and opportunities for other brush strokes of the tongue.

    The clit is much more sensitive than other parts of the pussy.

    It also has a much larger reach so to speak as nerve endings and sense points extend inside and up the vagina.

    You have the lovely hood and clit which are different in every woman. Some have it very protruding, others have a tiny little button almost less than the size of a drop.
    No matter what the size, it is sensitive.

    And enjoy the practice sessions or moments with your partner. Just saying "come...lay down..I want to explore you and get to know you better, relax" may make your partner emotionally melt giving an early start to her surrender.

    A good practice method regarding pressure on the clit and clit head is pretending that you are pressing a door bell. Use your tongue and wet fingers while applying different levels of pressure and release. Long and slow presses and flickering light presses and soft movements of the finger or tongue and then harder ones. Really enjoy the discovery process.

    I find many lovers go slow and then five minutes later no matter how much you say slow and they say slow ..The tongue goes to action like a dog lapping up water with his tongue after a walk in 100 degree weather.
    The fingers begin going in and out like they were trying to dig a hole to China. And the whole easy flow and rhythm goes out the door. Fast is good but hold on.

    While you are exploring the clit do explore the "penetration factor". Of course this is not about not penetrating but about discovering. And enjoying the ride itself to pleasure and not just thinking about "when you are going to get there". Some women like and need penetration in order to cum, others like a mixture of everything, some like and need your mouth (lips, tongue and teeth), while others literally are more responsive to a good rub down.

    Explore penetration with your tongue. Run your tongue in circles around the head of the clit and then around the whole clit and ease your tongue down the center of that flower as you work your tongue into her. Exit the tongue lap up the juices and ease your finger slightly to the entrance of the hole applying pressure because with your finger curved up in the famous "come here" gesture you want to move back up to the clit and use that clit head as a guide. Behind the clit and inside her where you will find a great spot. Exploring penetration with fingers is good but explore with your tongue and remember that it is a muscle. You can twist it around and swirl it, you can just make little circles at the entrance and then penetrate, you can flutter it and play, you are not limited to just sticking it in and out and getting a neck spasm. Playing and exploring are much less work actually, than shoving fingers in and out and moving the head and neck like you are going to make a break through and get back in the womb.

    As mentioned over and over, (mind you I mention that and the exploring, journey and art of it a lot because each woman is a new canvass and each moment can lead to another masterpiece), each woman varies so listen to her body
    Are her moans high pitched, is her sigh a sound of relief, of too much pressure or perhaps of do it together (press down with the tongue on the clit, suck the clit and at the same time press your finger softly or harder on the g-spot), does she want intervals of pressure outside on the clit and then inside on the G? Listen to her body. Your face or any part of that large organ called skin that you have will be able to touch her skin as well so pay mind and be present as you hear the signs and answers you are looking for coming from her very skin. <b>
    Is it getting warmer, did she just get goose bumps, is it moist and is there a glow building? Really pay attention to the body before you. Do not compare it to anyone, to any thing, or to a past performance.

    Also remember and learn, study, read and research as I don't like anyone to simply take my word for it but an orgasm is not the same as ejaculation.

    "orgasm and ejaculation are two different physical processes. The Taoist knew this 3,000 years ago, but we in the west are only now beginning to acknowledge the difference. The Taoists knew that if you can delay or withhold your ejaculation you can experience multiple orgasms." Barbara Carrellas.

    I am able to do this and many times cum in waves but if with a non tantric partner or with a partner that has street savvy expectations or is not aware of this amazing fact they can not appreciate the amazing way I am feeling.

    This is mainly looked into for the masculine/male partners but it applies to women as well.

    The main key is to drop expectations. The good and bad ones.
    Play with the Pussy and Listen.

    Keep your finger inside the pussy and use different motions.
    Slowly do clockwise little circles around the inside back point of the clit and then counter clockwise. Different pussy may like a different direction. Alternate it and don't use your tongue for a moment instead simply use it to apply pressure at times to help you stay in the right spot.

    Simultaneously using the tongue and finger can get more "artsy".
    A good rhythm can be started by circling the tongue on the head of the clit with varied pressure while circling the fingertips and switching patterns to be opposite or work together may get complex but you should explore because you want to explore what "your" partner likes and Feels.

    Pay attention to the ooooos, aaahhhhhs, eeeees, mmmmmmmsss, uhhhhs, the pitch (is the pitch of the uhhhh low or high or long and of letting go and not your programmed thought that causes you to stop and feel alarmed).

    That dinner conversation and chat I mentioned in the beginning, the one about discussing likes and the verbal foreplay if done right can include asking your partner for signs to give you if you need to move on to another position or gesture. Once you are in action pay attention to things like a press on your shoulder, or her moving you back so that you know to switch.
    As the clitoral area can get too sensitive and feel almost raw at times.

    Left to right.

    I see and have gotten, a lot of up and down and in and out.
    Circles and left to right, right to left motions can be added. They do exist. (Just teasing)
    But they do. And the mound area above the clit as well as the clit can enjoy many sensations before and during penetration because of the use of varied direction. Increase your sense of direction when with a goddess.

    Even during sex, while Man or Woman is on top a pressure on the mound can occur with the friction of the bodies rubbing and direction variation can stimulate her more by your pure body itself rubbing on her mound as you penetrate.
    It's like how so many women love to feel balls slapping their pussy and lower ass while getting a good doggy style. It's another added sensation.

    So rubbing the mound with your palm or fingers in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion with varied pressure can be a great add on to a sensual massage without even touching the clit or lip region. But touching and massaging close enough. Doing this pre oral or during oral even if done as a break for your mouth, can prove to be extremely pleasing to her.

    Basically, again, enjoy the journey and explore your ability to touch her in as many ways as possible adding variations as you go along. Not all in one sitting and dining, although you can definitely just make it an afternoon delight for her and about her.

    A great tease and pleasure filled session in my sexual history, included a whole afternoon delight with multiple waves of orgasm, a hard gush of a gasm and feeling absolutely spoiled. This great afternoon then came to a stop as later I was told to shower because we were going out to dinner and to top it off ended with a totally Alpha male confident and happy to have pleased thank you kiss. With a "c'mon chop chop ..I made reservations". Wink wink.

    Needless to say even the waiter said I was glowing.

    This is not over either, it shall continue with added areas and holes to explore as well as more on raising that sexual energy and getting the experience to a more Tantric level.

    And as always I rather paint pictures for you to read than step by step instruction tutorials.

    Much gratitude and many never ending orgasmic waves to you and yours.

    This gets first published in my Tantric Journeys blog as I still have students in Tantra and I very much continue doing and performing at Music and Transformation Festivals as well as Tantra Festivals as Shakti Durga.
    I only authorize my ownlife sharing to this Bunny Ranch forum
    Under Entertainer name of Mina Franco

    © January 2018 Shakti Durga-Me

    For booking a journey with me for yourself or you and your partner please email me directly at
    [email protected]

    Twitter @MinaFranco4

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