first trip to the ranch with maya love

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by supermanx, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. i actually posted this in the general forum for bunny babes about a month ago but one of the members on this board "Harold" suggested i repost it here because more people will read it and it will bring in more business for maya. and since she was my first bunny and i had a great experience, anything i can do to help her out i will most certainly do. so here goes:

    "this post is for anyone thinking about going and is having doubts. sorry if its too long but being my first time there i just have to get this off my chest. i made my first trip to the ranch this past monday and i must say it was definitely worth it. im from los angeles and i was up in lake tahoe for vacation and i was just so curious about the ranch that i decided to check it out. so i drove there and i was literaly shaking during the drive because i was so nervous and even spilled my soda drink on my pants on the way there. i was thinking its a sign to turn around but i decided to keep going. so i finally got there and i just sat in the parking lot for half an hour telling myself "what the hell are you doing here? have you really been reduced to paying for sex? what would your friends or family think if they found out?" so i finally found the courage to walk up the the gate after i saw some 80 year old man go in so i figure if he can why cant i. since im in my twenties and in pretty good shape. so i walk in and then the lineup really threw me off. there were so many beautiful women i was at a loss for words, and air. theres a common stereotype that prostitutes are nasty and look like trailer trash but this couldnt be farther from the truth. so after a minute of looking like a deer in headlights one of them caught my eye. maya love. she was stunning. and not just because shes asian like i am but because she was very girl next door. she had the perfect combination of cuteness and sexiness which i find irresistable. she also looks better in real life than in her profile pics. so she gave me the tour and we went to her room and went through the negotiations. which wasnt too difficult as most might think. she knew i was nervous and she did her best to make me feel comfortable and it worked. ill skip the details about the party because you all know what usually goes on. after the party was over she walked me out and we said our goodbyes but i definitely didnt wanna leave. so for those of you thinking about going i would recommend it. i had my doubts like many others but ive changed my perspective. its an experience you wont find anywhere else and one day when your old and gray youll think back on this time many many years from now knowing it was all worth it. and if maya reads this thank you for a wonderful time. you probably dont even remember me and thats fine. im but a grain of sand on an entire beach but you are a gem and ill remember you." i hope this story inspires some of you out there.
  2. Thanks for bringing this to the top.

    I appreciate the candid message. Even when I go back and I'm going to see the same girl there is always some hesitation.

    The good news...I've never been disappointed.

    Those of you having second thoughts just remember, your not alone.

  3. I am glad that you had the courage to cum in and spend some time with me. I remember that you spilled the soda in your car because you were nervous. Even so you manage to brave yourself and enter. No pun intended. I hope to see you again minus the soda spill.

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