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  1. I am in Los Angeles, I testified re, myself, Charlie Sheen, Heidi Fleiss and Us Weekly.

    Someone broke into US Weekly's E mail system and got a hold of confidential E mails re their reporters, me & Heidi Fleiss and talks we had about Charlie Sheen.

    Crazy Huh, the gossip business is a cut throat business.
  2. it sure is Dennis. Its like the mob, well the mob aint that bad :lol: 8)
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    Charlie Sheen needs love to. He can definitly afford a good time at the Ranch.
  4. Re: emails

    He spent a lot of money with Heidi Fleiss. Money for sex has to be a lot better than having to write Denise Ritchards checks every month.
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    Hey dennis Happy Holidays you got that right about denise richards he probably didn't get as much bs from heidi fleiss either
  6. Re: Checks

    HF just brought him hot sex, Denise will be giving him grief for the next 20 years.

    What's the old joke, "If it fuck's flies or floats, rent it"
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    That is so true that is why if I ever had $$$ like that all I would need is my favorite bunny Audrey she could take care of me real good. 68 days to go until I get to see her again. Hey Dennis when we met you said we could get together for dinner on my next visit does that offer still stand?
  8. Re: hf

    Audrey is more beautiful by the day.

    Dinner, sure let me know when, I will get some of the girls and have some fun
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    tentative dates

    You are right about Audrey what an amazing woman. Tentative dates are March 4 sunday leaving Reno on March 6th. A thought was to have an early dinner before visiting the ranch for dessert on Monday yummm. Would you bring my favorite bunny audrey with you to dinner???????
  10. Sounds like the paparazzi has belittled themselves to computer hacking... crazy!
  11. Information theft

    It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to justify to themselves. Not only the people who invaded the privacy and and broke laws to get the e-mails, but the people who support them by paying for the information.
  12. Re: Information theft

    You are so right, what a great way of looking at this.

  13. I would wipe my patients backsides with the Enquirer, but you can't wipe s**t with s**t can you??

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