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  1. Hey Ya'll, just something I recently noticed while browsing the love ranch website.

    Preface: Currently the FAQ is the same for both Love Ranch North and Love Ranch South.

    Problem: Location, Directions, and Drive times all pertain to the Love Ranch North and thus are incorrect for the Love Ranch South.

    Possible Solutions:
    • Easy Way - Bullet + Indent for the two different ranch
      • Example:
        • Where is the Love Ranch located?
          • Love Ranch North
            • In the State Capital of Nevada, Carson City, which is in northern Nevada between Reno and Lake Tahoe.
          • Love Ranch South
            • A little north of Pahrump in Crystal Nevada, just an hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Probably the more elegant way from a website design standpoint - Have the FAQ change accordingly depending on which site (LRN/LRS) you are on.
      • AKA have two different sub-pages for the FAQ that will only route to those specific pages depending on the page you have accessed it from.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

    - E
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    On a serious note, I second this motion.
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    I think it's because the page is loading

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