Fantasy fullfilled by Logan and Summer

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  1. I entered the BunnyRanch a complete novice with no idea of what to do and hesitant. I took some sage advice and spent time meeting with a few of the girls, having a couple drinks and relaxing. I narrowed down my selection to Logan and Summer but couldn't make up my mind.

    So, I told them my interest in both and asked what I should do next. It was suggested that we spend some time in the hot tub. The night was cold but nothing in the tub was. We had a few drinks in the water, got to know each other and yet I still couldn't make a decision. Logan and Summer made a very good point that I didn't have to make a choice, I could have both of them. What a fantasy cum true... two beautiful woman together.

    I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to perform up to my expectations but these two girls made me feel so comfortable and we had one hell of a good time. The sex was incredible. I got to watch, have fun with both and at the end of our time together... I found myself with my hands duck taped to the headboard mirror and no time left. That just couldn't be... So I extended my time and we went at it for another hour.

    I have to say that my fantasy of being in a Threesome has now been completely satisfied and I don't think I will ever be able to match this experience and certainly not out do it.

    Summer and Logan are two incredible women that fullfilled my fantasy and made me feel like the king of the bed..(when they weren't paddling me... that's a different story).

    I will always remember my time at the ranch....
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    Glad you had a wonderful time with Logan and Summer! :D
  3. I am glad that summer and logan gave you a good time! They are one fantastic girls!
  4. Babe you were one of those parties I will never forget. You were so game for anything and that's what makes the expierences here so awesome. Thank you for being so much fun... and that hot pink duck tape was a good idea huh :shock:

    Take care and keep in touch... I can't wait until your birthday...

    oh btw logan your boobies are WONDERFUL !!! LOL
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    Duck tape? Pink! Tie me up!

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