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  1. I had searched the Bunny Babes page and the message board for who I wanted to book an appointment with. As I was searching I made a comment on the new picks in November for Evanka Banks. The one that caught my eye was the #3 pic of a stunning blond straddling a chair. I commented and got a PM with three words. "Be My Chair". I was hooked!

    After a few more PMs and a little flirting I made an appointment to meet Evanka upon her return to the Bunny Ranch in January. It seemed so far away and I really celebrated the new year because I knew that she was only 16 days away.

    I rang the bell to meet Evanka and was not disappointed when we came face to face. She had on a black lace bra, a thong and little tiger print stretch skirt with a garter and fishnet stockings. She was a vision out of my imagination.
    We went to the bar and ordered a few drinks (where I met Dennis, briefly) and then talked for a little while. Reminding, her of my limited experience and hopes for our time together. She was finally here in front of me. After 2 1/2 months. Her warm smile made me feel at home, like I was talking to a freind. (A beautiful friend that I could go have sex with... but a freind, nonetheless!) She was so beautiful and her deep brown eyes were hypnotizing me. That and the 2 strong drinks were helping my comfort level. I want to say it was her eyes.
    [smilie=hot over you.gif]
    We went back to her room to negotiate and then took care of that silly paperwork. Grabbed a bucket of champagne and returned to her room. She had mirrors on the ceiling and wall next to the bed. It was erotic to look at her doing the things she was doing like it was a porn movie, but I was actually feeling it! We tried many different positions and even her favorite. Which I hope to intriduce at home :wink: Her skin was so warm and smooth. I can still imagine it. She was very sensual, and knew how to make me feel good.
    I finally finished together just as we heard those dreaded words. " Time to re-party" and Evanka couldn't answer right away because of the fun we were having. I wich I would have had more time and money. I really didn't want to be finished.


    [smilie=love together.gif]
  2. You r more than welcum, Ohio Guy!

    So glad Anna & I were able to make your Bunny Ranch trip memorable! Thank you for the very nice 'review' and we do hope to see you for your 41st birhtday!
    Here to make you smile!
  3. I hope to be out there for #41 too. This next time... NO DRINKS FOR ME!(LOL). Good luck in the time you have left at the Ranch for this trip and I hope that you will return in the future.
  4. Nice review OH guy!

    Very nice writeup, certainly looking forward to meeting this fine young lady, as well as her playmate 'Anna'. Just thinking about my first trip out and how much fun I do plan on having! So many beautiful girls, how do you choose?? Talk about being a kid in a candy store! I am going to try and plan every birthday from now on out there, LOL

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