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  1. Suzette, you have THE dream job!
  2. Yes, she does, but sometimes that dream can be a nightmare. Some employees tend to think bosses should be big pushovers. Here is the real deal, this is a brothel. We have all walks of life working here, and some can create problems i.e., theft, drugs, serious attitude problems. The saying "Take care of your boss and they will take care of you" is true. Just like in the military. Can you imagine a lenient Drill Instructor? What kind of sailors, soldiers, and airmen would we be producing? We all need rules and discipline, but for those who have never had it...it's a pity party. "She told me, I couldn’t smoke crack in my room" whaaaaaaaa! Or you get the girl who says "Everybody hates me because I'm beautiful". No honey, no one hates you because you are beautiful, they dislike you because you are not a good person. Madam Suzette has an incredibly tough job. She has to sometimes compromise her personal sweet feelings and put the smack down. She is an incredibly loving and caring woman, but that is her as Suz. Madam Suzette on the other hand is a boss, although she does have an amazing position, she has to be a tough cookie sometimes. Those of us who understand this respect and love her; we also get that respect and love in return.
  3. dream job

    Thank you Aleksandra for explaining a little bit of my job to the others. I suppose it does look like a dream job from the outside. But people don't understand that I am 100% dedicated to the BunnyRanch and the girls and don't have too much of a life outside of the BunnyRanch. I do choose it this way so I can do a better at it. I am devoted to the girls and wish I had more time to show them but I have a job that has a lot of facets to it. I do love it and I love the challenge. There is just not enough hours in a day or days in a month or months in a year to get things done that I want to accomplish both at the BunnyRanch and in my personal life.
    Swt vixen, please feel free to stop by anytime and especially at one of our wonderful tea parties. That is where everyone gets together and have a lot of fun.
  4. That is true, we mostly only see the glitz and glamour. I am sure it can be hard dealing with so many different personalities. But you seem to handle yourself very well.

    I would be my pleasure to make it out to the ranch sometime. I may have to buy my hubby a good time! ;)
  5. You should, and bring the Hub Hub! Thursday Tea Parties start at 3pm! :)
  6. swt vixen

    Hi sweet vixen, you can bring your husband anytime to the BunnyRanch, we are open 24/7. I would love to meet you both and give you a vip grand tour of our property.

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