Do I Have To Have a Line Up?

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by ERIK THE PHANTOM, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Hello...

    I was wondering if a "line up" is necessary to meet the courtesans. Is there another way to meet them?

    The thing is, I'm an incredibly shy person around women... especially beautiful women. Very shy :oops:. Heck, I've been looking at this site for about three years before I finally decided to sign up to the message boards.

    So, anyway, it may sound strange, but I would kind of feel awkward choosing a courtesan from a line up. To me, it's kind of like saying to the courtesans that I didn't select, "...the reason why I didn't choose you is because I think the other person is 'better'." Which is not true.

    It's sort of like that reality show, "The Bachelor", where the Bachelor gives the rose to the woman and the ones who didn't get picked leave crying and feeling rejected.

    That's why I never liked reality shows like "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette". To me, every single one of those contestants deserve to find the man/woman of their dreams (and not sent home in tears) and I don't want the other girls to feel "rejected" even though I guess "rejection" is a part of their job.

    So, with that being said, is there another way to meet them? I don't know if the Bunny Ranch (or, actually, since I'm planning to go fly to Las Vegas... I guess the Love Ranch is closer?) has a restaurant on site where I can sit/eat/do my work and if a courtesan wants to sit and talk with me, that's fine. I'd love to talk and meet with her. If not, then that's fine, too.

    Think of that as the "super shy guy's" way of meeting beautiful women o_O. Sounds like a super hero: Super Shy Guy :p.

    By the way... this is kind of how I meet people in public. I just go to coffee shops and sometimes, customers recognize me because I go there often and strike up a conversation. I've gotten to know "random strangers" just by going to coffee shops.

    The thing is, almost all the "random strangers" who talk to me are guys! In all the years I've been to coffee shops, I've had maybe three women talk to me (one was pretty attractive). But of these three women who talked to me, one of them happened to recognize me because she knew my parents from years back (when I was young and she was a teenager). Another one knew me because she and I shared a summer class at the library, again from many years back (she recognized me and I didn't recognize her).
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  2. StevenL
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    Welcome to my world, Erik in regards to shyness....Im sending you a PM
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  3. I hate the line up as well. So I read the message boards and find a girl I like. Looks and there personality. Then message them and start a conversation. I can tell you the girls are all wonderful, but chatting back and fourth makes it way easier and more fun. If you are shy this will make your life easier when you get out there. The last time I did the line up thing was the last time I'll do the line up thing. Trust me chat with a few of the girls, you'll love it, and find the one that gets you and you'll have a great time. Get to know them first they are all special but one will stand out and when you get there it will be like you know each other. I am luckily I live close and I have a regular girl. Every time I see her it's a little more fun. I do sample others but she is my go to.
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    Rapid Living the dream

    I don't like lineups either. But, I am a "regular" and already know quite of few of the ladies.

    You do not have to take a lineup. However, if you do you may miss some amazing ladies. Maybe the smart move is to ask for a lineup, not making a choice (if you can), and going to the bar.
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    Best advice ring the gate buzzer twice and ask the bartender to do a bar call the ladies will come and introduce themselves individually.
  6. Since you are flying to Las Vegas, go to Alien Cathouse. If you don't want to drive there yourself, you can ask for the ranch driver. The Alien Cathouse is laid back from what I remember, not as much of a rat race as the Bunny Ranch, lol. 2 dozen bunnies at the BunnyRanch on any given day, Maybe 4 ladies at Alien Cathouse since it is a smaller brothel with less foot traffic like tourists. The Alien Cathouse has a diner right next to it, owned by Dennis Hof, so you can have food brought to you while you are at Alien Cathouse and can sit, eat, and do your work as you described, and I would expect some of the courtesans there would love to sit and interrupt you in your "work" and try to engage you in conversation.
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  7. Keep in mind that the BunnyRanch, Love Ranch North, Sagebrush and the Kit Kat are all near Reno, which is nowhere near Vegas. As isurfer explained, there are a couple of Dennis' brothels near Vegas.

    I always get confused about the one ring vs two rings at the door bell. Recently, I've been ringing only once, and when I enter the houses they start forming the line up. I agree that while a line up is exciting, it's not what I like. This is especially true because I usually know who I want to see before I go there.

    But you have to see it from their perspective. Many of them are too shy to approach you too, so the line up is a great way to make that initial eye contact and hope for something more.
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