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  1. I have a couple questions and figured that the Madam and the fine owner after studying your site. By the way on a side note the girls are so nicely presented and you have alot of variety, site is nicely done in the main. Now to my questions and please be honest.

    1. I have leg problems I can walk but my balance in not the best so how accessible is the Bunny Ranch to the mobility impaired?

    2. I read on another site that the Ranch offers LIMO service from Carson City and the Airport for $50 round trip. Is this true and does the BR nail girls for extra money like the other places I've been looking at nearer Las Vegas? I don't drive so this is important.

    Thank you.
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    I remember speaking to "Big D" about the limo issue once. If memory serves, he confirmed that the cost of the limo had zero to do with party prices - so apparently it doesn't have anything to do with the girls.

    Good stuff from where I sit.

  3. we have a ramp so its not a problem, we are putting in a better one after the first of the year.

    Good question on the drivers, you have been doing your homework, I like that. we provide this service for our clients, the money is tip for the drivers, they do not get the 30 to 40% kick back off your purchase that they do in the southern houses.

    Le tme and madam know when your coming we will send the right vehicle for you, we have many.

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