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  1. Are u planning leaving town in October? I cant visit unless u r there!!!
  2. I am gone the 7th & 8th to SF, doing an appearance for Red Bull at the Air Show in San francisco

    The 14th & 15th to Houston, a signing at book stores on Friday & Saturday
    hosting a Pimp N Ho ball

    The 16th thru the 20th in Costa Rico, looking at opening a BunnyRanch.

    21st in Dallas to make an appearance at a strip club.

    22nd in SF to host the world's biggest Haloween party the Exotic Erotic Ball.
  3. Very Busy

    Wow looks like a busy month. :wink:
  4. Re: Very Busy

    Not to busy to hang with Kentucky girls.
  5. Don't forget about us Dallas girls!
  6. I spoke with a Dallas girl today, in fact I am going to send her Mom a Bunny Ranch robe.

    The last two girls I lived with were both from Teaxs.
  7. well ghetto baltimore chicks are pretty hot too.... all hardcore and sexy as fuck..... got the ghetto booty thing going on here :)
  8. PFS-I bought the best t-shirt, now I want one of your shirts, please please pretty please with a cherry on top. The red one.
  9. Makes me jealous.... I want a robe... :cry:
  10. Do you want one of my personal shirts as a nightshirt?
  11. oooooooooooh, I do! :wink:
  12. Maybe I'll see you when you're in Dallas, Dennis.

    I have not seen you since like 2002.

  13. Pm me and remind me pls
  14. Ok Daddy!

    You are too sweet :wink:
  15. Snowing outside up here today D, any hoodies ya want to send up this way!
  16. your getting snow and i am heading for the pool with Domino.
  17. As much fun as a pool sounds right now, least with it snowing outside I know I can always warm up by curling up in the jet tub!!! (evIlGrinZz) Jets always seem to warm me up!

  18. Not the jets again!!

    Are you ever going to give the men of the world a chance? we can't compete against the deadly orgasm jets!!!
  19. Ok Dennis, now you got everything up for October except the 31st in Des Moines at THE LUMBERYARD.....

    How could you forget about me :cry:

    I guess I still love ya...

    FYI (for anyone who dont know) Dennis and Ron J. are hosting a Pimp and Ho party at the Lumberyard in Des Moines on October 31st..

    (If you read it twice you will remember LOL)
  20. oh my god!!!!

    D and Ron Jeremy at the Lumberyard, I will book his ticket right now.

    Any labs there? I love Labs with blonde hair.
  21. Hey D

    Don't forget about us midwestern farmer's daughters!!!!!

    It's boring out in farm country....what do you think we do in the corn fields???

  22. Peyton you are so right! I use to really like taking the horse's and sneaking out in the corn or tall oat fields boy did I learn allot back then!!! :D I Don't live around farm land know but have lots of hills and large oat trees!!! I still live 50 miles from the nearset town no matter what direction I go. :wink:
  23. Dennis Hof Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 1:55 pm Post subject:


    k9jeep wrote:
    PFS-I bought the best t-shirt, now I want one of your shirts, please please pretty please with a cherry on top. The red one.

    Do you want one of my personal shirts as a nightshirt
    Ya, how awsome is that. woo hoo
  24. I don't know what you farmer's daughters do, can you show me?

    I have two tractors, does that help?

    I was there at B2 last night and did not see you, are you going to be around today?
  25. e me an address

    [email protected]

    Once a year I empty my closet and take all the shirts to the girls for nightshirts, maybe now is the time.
  26. Yes, D, NOW is the time. Us girlies wanna sleep in something personal of yours hee hee

    I wont be greedy though since you sent me a B-Ranch robe.... Thank you my sweet Daddy....MWAH!


    ps. I'm going out to buy a bow to wrap myself in! :wink:
  27. As much as a I like a man that gives a deadly orgasm, I also know that its usually followed with a pile of dirty laundry and always having to put the seat down.

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