Dennis' treatment of women on the show

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  1. I don't think it's right how Dennis treats the ladies of The Bunny Ranch. Grabbing them all the time, saying demeaning things, etc, etc. Clearly the only reason he is able to do this is his position as the big boss at the ranch. I feel he uses this position to be disrespectful to the women. I don't think it is right. It's surely not his looks that attract all these women.
    If they truly like this, that's one thing...but I wonder if they're all really that comfortable with it? (i'm not meaning to be rude or unpleasant, i'm just stating my opinion) I will probably be deleted for saying this, as this is his message board, anyway...Other than this aspect, I'm shocked that I love the series. It has given me a whole new perspective on this business.

    I would also like to add i'm sure that not all the women there are sex crazed nympho's 24 hours a day. I'm sure there are many extenuating (however you spell that) circumstances that led them to this line of work. Some probably have children, had no-where else to go, or were abused themselves as children. I by no means whatsoever look down on these women...they fascinate me. And no, i'm not gay. I just felt I had to clarify that......
    I am very glad these women have a safe, legal environment to work in

    Anyway if these women truly love what they're doing, more power to them. It just saddens me that some may be doing it for other reasons.

    On an off note, I love Air Force Amy, and am glad she will be back on the show, she is great!
  2. Are we watching the same show?? From what I see Dennis treats his girls better than I have ever been treated. I see him rewarding them with gifts for their hard work. And if they don't like the way they are treated then they can leave. You say that you don't look down on the girls well then don't judge their "Daddy" either!!
  3. I think your assessment of Dennis is ridiculous. I don't think that he is disrespectful towards the woman at all. In an industry that is notorious for degrading woman it seems to me that Dennis has given these woman a very safe, clean, and respectful enviroment to work in. If anything it appears to me that the woman never hesitate to show off their assessts to him and seem to not be able to keep away from Dennis. If these woman are comfortable enough to sell sex to strangers, I can't imagine that they would have a problem with Dennis, someone who they seem to adore touching them. That is just my opinion ...... :lol:

  4. 8) Well, it is quite obvious that you have only seen the interaction between Dennis/Girls on TV. If you were present when Dennis walks in the room (anywhere he goes) then maybe you would get a glimpse of his aura and the sense of happiness/fun that follows him everywhere. I can tell you that when Dennis arrives, the girls energies change immediately. This is not something that you learn. You are born with it. And Dennis Hof has it. It is called Charisma.

    The BunnyRanch has one goal. The happiness and fulfillment of you, the customer. Not only do they achieve this every day, the Ladies would rather work here than anywhere else. This is what makes it the World Famous BunnyRanch. Most importantly, these girls are always treated with respect. It is their choice to turn their sumptuous and "oh so beautiful" asses toward Dennis for a spanking, or more....

    HBO'S Smash Hit "CatHouse" series has opened many eyes/minds to this industry and the "goings on". I would like to see more. Just remember to always take your "blinders" off so you may experience all aspects and not just pre concieved notions or that from a judgemental attitute.

    Another point of view......

    8) Stuart
  5. The way Bunnies are treated by D.

    I have worked for Dennis for 5 years. I have a lot of memories from the Bunny Ranch. None of them include being mistreated by Dennis. I remember how Dennis helped me (and never gave up on me) every time I needed his help with anything. I know that he has done this for multiple other girls. Dennis respects us as not just employees, but as friends. No one is treated any way but the way they want to be. If they flirt with D., he's gonna flirt back. Yes, Dennis can be quite a handful, but only to those who love it when he acts that way. Dennis does not go to the bar and ask to spank every girl who is there. He does not sit and flirt with girls every time he walks through the door. I have never heard of any girl feeling like she was mistreated. Yes, Dennis and I play sometimes, but only with the girls who want to. The Ranch is a sexually charged environment. What is acceptable here, is not at other workplaces. The girls here come up to D. and grind on him, ask to be spanked, etc. The girls at say McDonalds, or a Mercedes dealership, or a corporate job would not do this to their boss (or at least not publicly). Dennis never takes it further than what is presented to him by a girl. If that were the case, I would have no part of "playtime". As it is, we turn a lot of girls down. There isn't enough time in the day!!! I hope this helps answer your question.
    Becca Brat
  6. Becca

    Becca, you are a beautiful girl and very well spoken. I just hope that you are happy, and the other girls too.

    Speaking of happy, I am not. Having read and watched way too many fairy tales in my otherwise dsyfunctional childhood, i've been holding out hope against hope for my prince charming. Pretty pathetic for a girl of 29, but hey, i'm not the brightest crayon in the box, lol...(sort of) :lol:

    As my story goes, I've only found rotten, abusive men. I often wonder if I wouldn't be better off in your profession.....But, as I have heard Dennis say on the show, attitude is important, and clearly, my attitude stinks. At least right now anyway. Ha, ha....

    I have nothing but respect for you and the other women who do your job. (The men on the other hand, well....I have lots of issues with men period)

    In no way, am I trying to be mean or hurtful, I just have tons of questions. (Hopefully they are not too personal)

    Are you truly happy?

    I know Dennis has said you don't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to, but do you kind of have to anyway? Know what I mean?
    I mean, it would be great to just go with the good looking guys that come in, etc, etc.

    Do you make a lot of money?

    Does your family know, what do they think?

    Some of you guys have been all over the HBO show. I know you are safe at the ranch, but do you ever worry about your safety outside the house?

    Once again, I hope I'm not prying too much, i'm just full of curiousity.
  7. Re: Becca

    It's OK!!! I'm sorry you have had bad experiences with men. Trust me, I have too, just not with Dennis or at the Ranch. I know how you feel.
    No, we absolutely do not have to do anything or anyone we don't want to at the Ranch. That is what makes working for Dennis so cool. He never expects anything from us that we don't feel comfortable doing.
    Yes, the money is great. The sky is the limit here. You can make as much as you want to make, as long as you work for it.
    Yes, my family does know what I do. My father and mother are very religious, so they don't quite agree with it. Aside from that, they do know that I am safe and happy, so they are OK.
    Let me know if you have any other questions. I will be happy to answer them...
  8. In defense of Mr. Hof and the Ladies

    This is in response to the comments towards Mr. Hof and the Ladies.....

    I feel i have to address the issues you brought up from a different of a man who frequents the Ranch..
    First of all I have been in business for 25 yrs, and I would kill to have a boss who is as compasionate, thoughtful, and concerned about me as Dennis is about his Ladies...
    Believe me I have seen it in action and heard it in the voices of the Ladies when they talk about Dennis....
    Second: The Ladies: At my times at the ranch I have meet some of the most honest ladies I have ever met....
    I have met Bussiness Owners, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, I.T.Experts, Tax Experts, Retail Workers, Mothers, and GrandMothers all of which choose to be there not forced as you have indicated....
    I can tell you I would rather spend a nite at the bar talking music, taxes, conspircy therories, ect. with some of the most intelligent and honest women than at the local bar trying to strike up a conversation that would be even half as stimulating as I can get at the ranch.
    I'm sorry you have had mean men in your life but maybe you are looking in the wrong places....
    So if your ever in NV stop in and I can say for sure you will change your mind !!!!!!!
    No disrespect intended
    i just felt compelled to respond....
  9. How Dennis Treats the Ladies

    I think the whole idea is fun. He just takes care of his ladies and tries to have fun and keep them in the mood to be happy at the ranch. The ladies are very pretty and he takes very good care of them as far as I have seen on HBO. 8)
  10. And so I wrote a book....

    I first want to say that I am a feminist who is also interested in becoming a prostitute. It's really not an oxymoron.
    I can see where you might draw a conclusion about how brothels work,being as a society we are told prostitution is wrong and women who work as prostitutes are druge addicted or poor or being pimped out by some abusive man for his own and sole benefit. I don't feel like this is the case in most of the Brothels in Nevada. I especially feel and have heard from a few past and current Legal prostitutes that Working in Dennis' brothels were the best places in regards to working environment,rules, regulations,safety and freedom. He makes his places the most flexible for women who have families because they are able to leave after working their shift. Most other brothels are "lock down houses" which means the prostitute may not leave while she is doing her scheduled run of days/weeks/months.That is basically institutionalizing someone and that can have alot of negative mental effect.Also with the Hoff houses The houses are clean and safe and the rules are uniformly enforced,this is not always the case in other places. Also, I feel like the women around Dennis seek out his attention for lots of reasons
    1. He is very charismatic and that is sexy.. I find him quite sexy myself.
    I usually see Dennis sitting with women flocking around and vying for hsi attention, running up to him for a hug when he walks in ect.

    2. In a environment where you sell sex it is nice to have a man pay attention to you in a truly affectionate way that does NOT include sex as a routine ending, they don't have to perform with him and it is just a free flow of affection

    3. I think they view him as a quasi-father figure and want his attention, maybe some do have past abuse issues I have no idea. I'm sure they also seek out Madame Suzette for attention it just manifests differently.
    I think there is a genuine affection and respect there.

    You do have to remember we are talk HBO editing here... they slice and dice that footage to make it into the most exciting/titilating and explosive snippets and shows they can.
    I am a 25 year old single girl with no debt,addictions, children,or past abuse I'm intelligent and could excel in just about any field I wished. I see prostitution as a fun way to make money so that I can better myself and support myself in a comfortable manner.I woul dnever be able to do that an entry level job anywhere else.
    I realize society sees prostitutes as the degraded and downtrodden but really this is not always the case. It's especially less common in legal prostitution.In all countries where it is legal like Australia and parts of Canada and Europe.
    now, if the rest of the country would realize the way to make the sex trade legal is to de-criminalize it there would be less streetwalking and prostitution as a last resort. It would be safer and there would be less violent crime and disease associated with it.
    In my opinion women are going to engage in prostitution.. it is indeed the world's oldest profession so why not make it safe and legal and fun? I think this is What Dennis is trying to do... and no he isn't doing too bad financially either.

    p.s. I've gleaned all this info from other working girls and my interpretations of the show and documentary series and it's just MY opinion, I don't work there (YET)and so it is just my interpretation of second hand knowledge and a highly edited tv series.

    Love Love Love ,Lola Simone
  11. Why the Bunnies ( and Bunnies in waiting) love Dennis

    Well, Lola, I must admit you had a lot to say on this particular topic. And I wouldnt disagree with any of it by the way. It is apparent to me that you are a very articulate and smart woman.

    In watching the show and reading the posts I have never found anything that Dennis did or said to be objectionable. If he were grabbing the girls and they appeared to be offended by his advances that would be another issue entirely.

    One only needs to see the gifts, rewards, tea parties, BBQ's and genuine love in his eyes to realize that Dennis takes good care of his girls and respects them completely. No matter what has happened in the house he has never had a cruel word to say about any of the ladies. He wishes them the best and considers himself lucky to know all of them. That is ONE of the HUNDREDS of reasons that woman on and OFF the show adore Dennis. I find him Fascinating, Smart, Sweet, Caring, and full of Machismo just to use a few adjectives.

    Keep it up Baby--You have the respect of many man and woman. Dont let those that are unable to appreciate win the battle to eliminate.

    Hugs and Kisses
  12. Dennis treatment on the show

    Dear Nobody knows me,
    What I can read between the lines of what you are saying is that you must be a very unhappy person. Nobody doesn't do anything they don't want to at the BunnyRanch. Dennis has helped so many people, not just the girls, but employees also, in so many situations I can't even begin to tell you how many. He is there for everyone. He is a genius. So many times, I have been troubled and after I talk with him, the trouble seems to disappear all of a sudden, like he has waved a magic wand or something. What I think you need to do my dear, is get in your car and drive as fast as you can to the BunnyRanch so you can experience some of the same.
  13. I have a theroy

    I have been an avid fan of the Cathouse series since the first episode and have been mesmerized by the amount of attention Dennis gets. I can only conclude that his personality makes him irresitable. My theroy is this: All of his girls are used to getting whatever they want from most men... Dennis is the only one who has something they can't get- his heart. ... 1251uq.jpg
  14. it is what it is

    In my mind it is pretty simple, there are two types of people, those that love Dennis and those that hate Dennis (but secretly want to be him). I fall in the second category, I cant tell you how many times I have said I hate him while watching him grind on those sexy women, but in my heart knowing that if I was Dennis for just one day, I would be spanking ass from breakfast until the club closed. Eventhough I am on the fence as far as legal prostitution is concerned, I respect the man for standing up and attempting to change the American paradigm as it relates to prostitution, so I say let him play, at the end of the day it is all game....:twisted:
  15. Re: In defense of Mr. Hof and the Ladies

    You are right, Dennis is a very compassionate, thoughtful and considerate person. And I thank you for realizing this.
  16. Dennis treatment of women

    Ah yes but when the ladies see can see a total sense

    of trust and respect.....What you offer them is a total sense of

    understanding, trust and guidance the ladies love you and without

    you many I'm sure would make some mistakes but with your guidance

    you make the ladies and gentleman SMILE because of your actions.

    Keep up the good work. A very happy customer!!!!!
  17. thank you.

    Dear My Happy Place,
    First of all, I love that post name. It's a place where I want to be all the time.
    Secondly, thank you for realizing how I am, it really means a lot. :D
  18. Michael
    Chat with Me

    Michael Active Member

    Dennis is wonderful to the ladies. What he does is provide an environment where his employees can make a lot of money and make a lot of customers happy in the process. I wish there coulc be more professionals like Dennis.
  19. Re: Why the Bunnies ( and Bunnies in waiting) love Dennis

    Would you calling taking some twins, spanking them, pulling their hair, and talking real dirty to them disrespectfull treatment or a reward?
  20. Dennis posted:

    Would you calling taking some twins, spanking them, pulling their hair, and talking real dirty to them disrespectfull treatment or a reward?

    All right Dennis all of the above would be a reward and a welcome treat to say the least.....dont forget the multitude of screaming panting orgasm that would follow......Long Live the Big OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I should get a little something extra due to being Aleksandra's HANGMAN winner. Got any ideas baby?????

  21. Yes you need something extra, me trying out the neww summer Dr. Johnson toys on you and sissy. Or maybe some Bunnyranch shirts PM me.
  22. Hey Dennis--

    You online???

  23. I have some ideas about were to put those
  24. YES!!
  25. Dennis and everyone at the ranch rocks! Suzette, would you adopt me?? You are just too nice.....
  26. adoption

    Yes, dennis and I would love to adopt you. we need more children. we have a big house and if we have to we will build on another room just for you.
  27. thank you kindly!!!

    Can I bring all my smelly amish kin? :lol:
  28. THANK YOU!


    Lets keep the right we will need it if I put you on your hands and knees.

    Just ask nice it will get you everywhere.

    Thanks Again!!
  29. It doesnt pay to be nice to some people...they abuse that generosity

  30. Hahahha, ok, I am asking nice then!!
    All spankings and hair pulling accepted here :arrow: :wink:[/quote

    GOOD GIRL!!!
  31. didn't Maye west also say "when I am beat I am outrageous"
  32. There are too many wonderful quotes which can be attributed to Mae West. Some of my favorites (in no partiuclar order) are: "There are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin", "If you put your foot in it, be sure it's your best foot", and "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it."

    - K.
  33. Mae West was hot
  34. have it made

    You are so right Germy, we treat the girls like princesses and this is their royal palace. we absolutely cater to each girls needs. one day I even brought in my foot bath and gave each one a foot scrub and massage to show them how much I cared about them.
  35. Madam Suzette: (In my best scooby voice) you big sweetie :D

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