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  1. Hello Mr. Hof my name is tyler i send you a post b4 but you must not have got it.. anyways my name is tyler im 20 from ohio... Really wanting a job at your ranch.. just wondering if your looking for a bouncer or somebody to do some kind of work at your house.. I have pretty much done everything to go outdoors i worked for a landscaping company and i also have done tons of work inside houses and im a prettty big boy .. 6'2 about 230.. Well anyways just let me know.. Thanks for your time

  2. i will babysit domino for you.... how the hell is he anyway? he's been MIA!!! lily sends her love :lol:
  3. My other angel domino got stepped on by a horse and lost 3" of his tail.

    I am so upset not to be there with him, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

    I will see if we need any help.
  5. OMG that is horrible... give him kisses for me. i love me some domino hof!
  6. I am so upset, I hope he doesn't have any esteem problems with his new tail.

    I love him so much more than I can ever explain to anyone.
  7. you don't have to explain it to me because i get made fun of daily for loving lily just as much. she is my daughter :)

    tell domino that looks aren't as important as personality!

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