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  1. I've seen on other postings where you have asked girls to call the Bunny Ranch and ask to speak with one of you directly in hopes of becoming a new bunny. I have sent SEVERAL emails with pictures included anticipating a response regarding the next step. I know with HBO filming it's hard to answer all the e-mails, therefore I'm writing you here. Please let me know if it's ok for me to call and speak with one of you.

    Thanks a million!!

    Kammie :p

    AKA Rarepackage-A future TOP EARNER!!
  3. I'd like to be a bunny too, but I HAVE to lose some weight first!
    Trust me, I'll feel better in my own skin that way & I'll be more seductive when I feel sexier.... you know!
    What a wonderful goal to work for! :p
  4. The best way is maybe PM Dennis or Suzette with some pictures. Try Madam Katrina from Bunny Ranch 2 as well. It's right up the street from Moonlight Bunny Ranch and she's extremely nice as well. Good Luck!

    xoxoxoxoxo Dior
  5. be a bunny

    thank you for your interest in being a bunny babe. Like I have said previously in many of my other chat spaces is that we get hundreds and yes, thousands of emails for ladies to become a bunnybabe. I cannot process them myself so I randomly give half of them to Bunnyranch 2 who Katrina then helps me call ladies back. If you have not recieved a call back, please email me directly with your pics with your name and phone number. you can also call me at 1888 bunnyranch. I would be happy to answer all of your questions and explain how things work here at the bunnyranch.

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