Dennis: Ivanna Humpalot... On the East Coast!!

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Who will Dennis cum see first?

Poll closed May 19, 2006.
  1. Ashleyloooooo

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  2. Lindsey

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  3. Ummm hello?! THREESOME!!

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  1. Dennis... when are you gonna be on the east coast? Me and Ashley have mutually agreed that it sucks that you haven't been to see us yet! We want Dennis!!! It's getting warmer out which means less clothes, which means more fun.... Cum on!!

    Let's make it happen sexy!
  2. Bring it on!
  4. <~~~ Banging my fork and knife... DENNIS DENNIS!
  5. we're waiting......
  6. Doesn't that hurt?
  7. Why does Bloo get left out?
  8. Better yet.

    Dennis, fly these girls out to the ranch!
  9. LOL Ashley will have to hold my hand on the plane....
  10. I'm sure she'll hold your hand on the plane and at the ranch.

    Maybe she'll hold something else!
  11. mmmmmmmaybe.... :wink:
  12. Well maybe not hold.....there are better things to do then just hold.
  13. hahahahaha someone voted for ashley alone....

    hmmmm... LOL.
  14. What now Linds?

    You and A don't seem like your reafy for sex.
  15. I'm ready for sex all the time, silly!!

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