Dennis Hof for President

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Dennis Hof fo President?

  1. Yes for President

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  2. Yes for Governor of Nevada

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  3. Vote No - There's no one to take Dennis' place

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  1. Ok who wouldnt vote for Big D for president? He has my vote.
  2. and I second that motion
  3. Suzette now we have to talk Dennis into it...LOL
  4. He has my vote
  5. He'd fit right in at the oral office. I mean, oval.
  6. LOL especially with his love for cigars... opps did I really say that?
  7. 8)Like I said before.

    The new "Bush" administration.
    With a Cabinet full of Lube and Condoms.

    Go "D"

    8) Stuart
  8. I vote Amy to run Homeland Sexuality...err... security

  9. 8) With Amy, both can certainly apply.
    Then we would be Happy and Safe.
    What a change that would be.
    Instead of a day of prayer.....
    A day of orgasms......

    To the Polls for everyone. Or is that Poles.....

    8) Stuart
  10. LOL I say poles!!!

    I nominate Ron Jeremy for vice president. You never know when you might need a "big gun" to back you up!!! hehehe
  11. Ron, if you're out there... look me up...we can film Ron Raids the Reagan room!
  12. Amish, I did the deed earlier that I was talking about.

    And I just did it again, this time with my girlfriend. A part of me is very sore right now. But it was worth it.
  13. oh man, dont tell me you shoved a dildo up your ass
  14. this is to funny, now you want me to take a pay cut and not have sex in the workplace, I don't know about this one, I better stay at the BunnyRanch
  15. CONGRATS LEE...glad you finally got some
  16. I just dropped my vote in the ballot-box....Looks like the votes are rollin' in at 100%! :D

    You gotta appoint me as your personal "Entertainment Advisor! What a job that would be, I'd have to hire ten assistants just to get the job done! LOL

    As pres, what would be your first order of biz?



  17. Dennis I think U could move the office to the Ranch....LOL
  18. The "Oral Office" OMFG .... That is hilarious!




  19. I like your staffing concept.

    Dicktation would be your first job to complete. If this asignment is completed in a quality timely manner then everything else can done by the asst's.
  20. Quality in a "timely" manner eh? Well I think I can pass that test... No need to interview! One minute and counting!

    When do I start?



  21. Sure Why not. he can probably give out a lot of dicktation. Can I be Chief Of Staff?
  22. Chief of Staff or Chief with Staff? LOL
  23. I like the idea of him as Gov. of Nevada, but not President. The way the system is setup, he could make real changes and put his stamp on a governship. The Presidency, well, let's face it, they will let you invade a country but they won't let you sell BJs. Besides, why would I wish all the pain and stress of the presidency on him? :)

    Run him for the Gov. of Nevada, so he can make sure that at least one State still gives people the right to think and decide for themselves if they want to buy and sell sex. I found the debate over taxes really irritating. Of course they should let you pay taxes. The morality police who don't want to legitmize your industry need to wake up and smell the coffee. Your industry is a big part of Nevada.

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