Dennis has an interesting business

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Not many businesses are a joy. Probably plenty of headaches too. Being exposed to sexy females all the time. Sigh. The pain.

    Has Dennis ever paid for sex I wonder... Frequently? Never? A long time ago? Curious. Anyway, being surrounded by green and cream must be nice.

    The HBO series caught my attention. Plenty of melodrama, though I always wonder if it's just yanking my chain. Never believe what's on TV. Seeing is believing.

    And I disagree with the whole trans-sexual argument. The main difference between males and females is not the equipment. It's the brain. Corpus collosum being thicker in the female. Plenty of people get sex changes -but not brain changes. That's impossible. If it were possible I'd have removed my ex's brain and replaced it with a better one.

    Good deal Dennis -the place seems worth a visit.

  2. It's a fact of life all men pay for sex. Even if your married your paying for sex one way or another. I think Dennis said in one episode of Cathouse that he has paid for sex even in 3rd world countries.
  3. i'd like to see if a study has ever been done to see if the corpus collosum is thicker in transgender men (as it is in women)- maybe the physical change IS to match the brain - maybe a brain change isn't needed.... :D

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