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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. madam suzette,

    when is Dennis coming back on the forum? i didnt saw him in almost a week.

    i miss him
  2. Dennis was in Costa Rica last week! He came back on Tuesday i believe! There is some big party and a band at NV50 tonite--so he's there! Ain't he such a damn cutie! i want me some of that--hell all of that not just some! LOL---XOXOX from this southern gal to you!!
  3. i saw so many times NV50

    what is it..whats the real name..

    Natacha / Fuega
  4. I'm just asumin' that it means Neveda 50 (NV-state abb. for Neveda)---still not sure though!
  5. NV50 is a restaurant/nightclub that Dennis owns. It's very near both the MLBR and the BR II and is located on US Highway 50 in Moundhouse.

    I had a late lunch there the last time I was in Moundhouse. It's a very nice place.

  6. I was traveling and when I do that I have very little time to get on line.

    I miss the board family when I am gone, has anybody good enough to deserve a spanking from Daddy D
  7. Well Dennis Lindsey and I have been entertaining ourselves since you werent here to play with--read the "did I miss something" thread she started. The cat is out of the bag.

    I think we should both be spanked over your knee.....nice and hard.

    Love and miss you
  8. i been a really good girl this week :wink:

    u wanna spank me? *bends over*
  9. yes, dennis, i admit, i cheated on you with trixii.... please forgive me :oops: i just couldn't wait any longer!
  10. Trixii the twin?

    Di dyou try your first girl/girl?
  11. OOH! I have!

    xoxox Dior
  12. I'm not a Bunny but I wanna be so can I still g et a spanking :twisted:
  13. Dennis, how could you say no to that????
    I know I could not! O, if you don't mind, I'll take a # for spankings from Daddy!
  14. LOL NO!!! not yet... i'm holding out for either brooke or jenny or both :lol:
  15. Now that would be hot!
  16. jenny and brooke are relatively new to the girl girl thing so i know they'd be great to teach me...

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