Dennis and Madam Suzette.... Can I Please Have Your Opinion?

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by PartyMan, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. :D I thought of a wonderful idea which I would like to share with you and I appreciate if you could give me your opinion as to wether or not you like my idea and if we can make this happen. I was thinking that the ranch should have an outdoor barbecue once a year in the Spring, Summer or even the Fall for everyone (Bunnies, boardmembers and customers). I would be willing to volunteer to pick up most of the supplies, set everything up and do the cooking :D
  2. I say YES to that idea PartyMan
  3. BBQ for our chat friends

    what a great idea!!!! I will talk to Dennis and we will come up with a date
  4. Re: BBQ for our chat friends

    :D Thank You so much, Madam Suzette! I am happy that you liked my idea. I would like to have the BBQ next Summer when I visit, if that's okay and like I said, I am willing to pick up most of the supplies, set everything up and do the cooking. I can even send out the invitations. I have to work out a few details and I will let you know the details, if that's okay :D
  5. Yes that does sound like a great idea! I love meeting all the board members!!!

  6. :D Thank You, Kris for your positive feedback. I am happy that you like the idea of having a BBQ :D

  7. :D Thank You, Chizman :D
  8. Re: BBQ for our chat friends

    :D Would it be okay for me to call you one day, Madam Suzette, so we can discuss plans for the barbecue :D
  9. Big BBQ

    A BBQ during the summer with all the Board members, Bunnies, Staff and Clients is a lot of "Hot Dogs"... :wink:

    Maybe a smaller more intimate BBQ under the stars with a few of your favorite Bunnies would be a little more entertaining?

    Regardless of your decision, a grand time will have been provided by your thoughtfulness.
  10. Re: Big BBQ

    :D I would love to have an intimate barbecue under the stars with a few bunnies, but I can only afford to party with one bunny at a time, if Madam Suzette lets us have the barbecue we can still have a grand time, my dear. Thank You for your reply :D

  11. :D Well, I certainly hope that I have an opportunity to meet you, Kris, during the barbecue if we have it :D
  12. :D I am going to call soon :D
  13. ??

    When is the "Big Day"? Are you going to be here for the 4th?
  14. Re: ??

    :D It's up to Madam Suzette and Dennis if and when we have the barbecue, my dear, but if we can't have it, I am working on another wonderful idea for the bunnies and board members, which I will post soon :D :( I really wish I could be there for the 4th :(
  15. ??

    OOOOOOHHHHHH, secrets..... :twisted:
  16. Re: ??

    :D It's not really a secret, my dear. I will be posting the new idea on Monday and I will be needing opinions again :D
  17. pleaseee madam suzette and dennis..that would be my occasion to come up!
  18. I like it, when should we do this and how many people can make it out for the party?
  19. hey daddy D guess what..i can!! woohoo..never took the plane outside of canada..that will be awsome..

    anytime before sept. is perfect for me if not i can call sick at

    btw my bday is on august 5 :wink:
  20. I'm gonna try my best to be there, depending on when it is. Hopefully I'll be able to get off work for a few days.

  21. :D Thank You, Dennis, for your reply! I am happy that you like my idea. If it's okay with you, I would like to have the barbecue on Saturday, October 27th of 2007, this way it will give me time to make the plans, make the list of who will be attending and also save money for my airfare and visit. Please let me know if this is okay :D
  22. :D So Dennis, is October 27th of 2007 a good date to have the barbecue :D
  23. I was hoping for something around the end of July maybe the first couples weeks of August! I can't wait a whole year for a party like this one is going to be!
  24. when are coming back it says June, its July
  25. Sorry Daddy, I get back on July 20th!

  26. :D I wish I could do the barbecue in August, my dear, but I won't have money for my airfare and my visit until next October, Jenny. Plus, it will give me enough time to organize everything :D

  27. :D I certainly hope you'll be able to make it to the barbecue, if we have it :D
  28. An annual BBQ would be a lot of fun!

  29. :( I guess October 27th isn't a good date :(

  30. :D Thank You, my dear :D
  31. PartyMan, Dennis didn't say if it was a good or bad date at all, he did say that it is a good idea. Just give him time to think about it...heck, this is what I think you should do, just wait for about a month and then ask him in an e-mail if the date is a good one or not.

    You need to relax and not be so obsessive my man, because if you keep this up, your blood pressure will start rising, and that leads to all sorts of complications. Relax and go with the flow of the message board and let this thread glide smoothly to page 4 for a month or two.

  32. :D Yes, it certainly would be a lot of fun :D
  33. :lol: So much for having a barbecue :lol:
  34. bbq

    okay, how about a pizza party, party man? good idea huh? gee I'm glad I thought of it. tee hee
  35. party man

    hey party man, we can change your name to pizza man

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