Dear Madam Suzette...

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who else would like to see Madam Suzette for a party?

  1. I would love to

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  2. no thanks not for me

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  1. Hi first off I just want to say that I love watching cathouse with my hubby and you have no idea how many new things we have tried thanks to your girls ;) anyhow I have a question for you...

    Madam Suzette would you ever consider being part of a party??? Me and my hubby think your a stunning woman and believe that you would be an amazing woman to party with any day ;)

    Much love & keep up the amazing work

    Christina & Steven
  2. ummmm bump... lol
  3. part of the party


    you're joking, right?
  4. :) Actually Madame Suzette,

    I am quite serious ever since we first saw you on Cathouse me and my Husband wondered if you would ever consider it because you are such a beautiful and intelligent woman you peak our interest very much ;)

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