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  1. So, I wanna form a "Daddy" Fan Club

    Who wants t join and Why....

    Me......there is just something about Dennis...can't quite put my finger on it...he just turns me so much....

    D- if you are ever in Boston.......

    -Daddy's Girl
  2. Im with you Patriots girl--there is something about Dennis. He is so considerate, sexy and charming. I love the pants off him. I think a fan club should be started ASAP.

    All My love to Daddy
  3. Big daddy does need a fan club. You can just tell he is the life of the party and he will actually listen to you when you have a conversation. He he is sexy as all get out as well...

  4. HELLO!
    I am ALL about being a member of the Big Daddy D Fan Club!
    Count me in.
    So confident, yet not cocky or too humble. Such a paradox on so many levels. Huge turn on! He is more than just some guy.... Dennis, you're a presence.
  5. SO far 4 members have signed up for Daddy D's Fanclub---


    Maybe we can have some meetings and eventually a meeting with the guest of honor.......ooohhh my

  6. daddy in boston

    I think you are giving him a good reason to go to boston.
  7. So, what about this fan club, ladies.... are we gonna have to pitch in & all go out there?
    I wonder how much a party with Dennis costs.... LOL :eek: :shock: :p
  8. Hi I am in LA we went to the Grammies and it was amazing who many people watch the show, Bunny and Brooke Taylor were with me at the after party and ron Jeremy said "You guys are getting more attention than anybody"

    As president off the new club, yo will many duties. Are you up for them?
  9. Daddy, will you vote me for treasurer or secretary....
    I do have experience..... :wink: :lol: :p
  10. Yes you are a pefect treasurer!
  11. Bring it on......

    First order of business......

    What shall we get Daddy for Valentine's Day?
  12. I know he likes sugar free candies.... :eek:
    Any other suggestions, Daddy..............?
  13. I am applying for the secretary position I know how to take dicktation very well :wink:

  14. Sorry, just had to sat SOMETHING to get this back to the top of topics, cause this is a VERY important topic! :wink: :p
  15. thank you very much, I so love life and everyone I come across on this board
  16. Dennis

    We all hope you had a wonderful V-Day:)

    You truly are a busy have been MIA quite a bit. We miss you.

    Hugs and Kisses
  17. I am making appearances in the Miami area thur and fri
  18. Enjoy Miami Dennis. I hope the weather in sunny and beautiful while you are there.:)

    Say hello to Crockett and

  19. I'd like to be a member of the club!!! Where do I sign up!

    Dennis is a sexy man.. reminds me of my hubby. My husband has often said the same thing Dennis said on the Tyra show, men BUY sex all the time!

    Whose coming to Daytona Beach for bike week? It's going to be awesome, lots of hot guys on bikes, many will have wives or girlfriends but I can tell ya the women will be hot as well. I can't wait, it's going to be a blast. Biker chicks are the hottest chicks!
  20. So if you ar the President--can I be the Vice President? Dennis is such a hot guy!! Would love to have one night with him--hell then I'd want more and more!!! He seems like such a down to earth guy---very sweet and YUMMY!! LOVE YA DENNIS---I'M CUMMIN" TO SEE YA ONE DAY!
  21. looks like we have a treasurer, but no vice president....

    We will have to check with Dennis.......

    Ladies, what should our next order of business be?
  22. seems like all the east coast girls are missing out since a lot of dennis's trips take him to the west.... we need to join together and throw him a party the likes of which he's never seen before so he knows that east coast girls are awesome!!!

  23. So I can't be VP? That hurts---:( ----I love Dennis too!

  24. I think we are waiting on Dennis to make the final appointments. I applied for the sexratary position but he didn't respond...

  26. He must be planning a NYC trip soon to promote his show on Howard 100 (well if that is still in the works...)
  27. I've been missing for quite a bit....just wanted to say hi Dennis!!!
  28. Its because your a very, very smart girl!!

    Just kidding. I love life, I love being in love and I love making things happen.

    Thanks for the nice or nasty thoughts.
  29. Dennis,
    How must it feel to know that you could have just about any woman you ever wanted? That is a serious amount of power!

    Miss Stephanie

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