D on Fox News at 1:30 est. Today Thursday

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. I will be in a Fox news studio in L.A. today at 10:30 pst or 1:30 est.

    The show is Dayside.

    Ck me out I will try to say hello to everyone on the board.
  2. Tug on your Ear like Carol Burnett used to do.
  3. Man, if you don't flirt with Juliet Huddy, I'll be very disappointed in you! That woman is the hottest newswoman out there today.........
  4. i'll be watching, baby :lol:
  5. Geez Dennis

    2 times today you will be coming to me across the airwaves...I am soooo excited.

  6. All this air time your getting lately is going to make you famous enough to run for president. Actually thats not a bad idea Dennis why don't you run for president ? You have my support for sure.
  7. have fun daddy

    lixxxxxxx and
  8. My TV is now on FOX News now
  9. Dennis they shouldve given you more time than 5 minutes :twisted:
  10. I agree chizman, & did you hear some of them talking about giving away parties to returning service man unsavory? Guess you just can't please everyone. I think it's a great thing they are doing for returning service men.
  11. That's how Dayside is unfortunately, each segment is usually a quick 5 min. If you noticed all the segments before Dennis, they were the same way. The problem is, that they went to the audience alot, when they should've let Dennis speak more. It made the time seem shorter. Who was that girl in the red from the ranch? She was smoking!!!
  12. I not sure but i do believe the other girl in video was Sunset Thomas, some1 correct me if i'm wrong
  13. Dennis, I see the bunnyranch.com name that you got in there seems to have worked. I just saw 34 guests logged on, and it's now just 11:06am in the morning!
  14. Darn it I missed it. I miss seeing you on TV weekly. I need my Dennis fix!!!

  15. Yes you're right, the other girl was Sunset, but who was that brunette in the red outfit? I have to know? Chances are though, since the other girl was Sunset, this girl probably worked there awhile ago too, and is gone. :cry:
  16. Dennis

    You looked FINE as always xoxoxox

    I also think you should have gotten more time. You are so smart and personable that you could have kept the masses entertained for the whole hour. Then I could have kept my hands busy as well.

  17. Dennis:

    I had all my friends watching. We all agreed, you look totally gorgeous! That audience was pretty uptight tho! But you did excellent...

  18. So what exactly was he promoting on Foxnews ? I caught the tail end of the segment where they were talking about it being more for the single troops than the married ones. What are the details on the offer he was making to returning servicemen ? :D
  19. Dennis discussed the plan to have free parties for service men. I wonder ifthat includes service woman?? You have to present proof of military service and then you can book your party thru email or phone call to the MLBR.

  20. yes lets come up with a sign, I love it
  21. I am President of the the nation in the world


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