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  1. So went on my fourth trip to the Bunny Ranch on Monday the 23rd, and again, it was an amazing time. Trip didn't start out too well for me though. Sunday morning I took he truck in for an oil change and to rotate the tires before the trip, since it was close to being due for both and I figured might as well do it then. Well 2.5 hours, $800 and 4 new Pirelli Scorpion tires later, I was out the door. Ouch! Really wasn't what I was looking for, but sometimes (especially for me) life jumps out and bites you square in the ass. So I hit the house, throw the gear in the truck (suitcase, golf clubs, and Jenny's gift bag), say good bye to the cats, kick the dog (just kidding!!) Actually gave her a treat before I put her outside, and out the door I go. Make great time up 99, do a parade wave while passing through Lodi in case WN happens to be around hehe, and I'm enjoying life. Get to about Auburn and I start seeing signs for chains and snow over the pass. Great! Thankfully I have a 4X4 (with brand new tires I might add grrrrr) So up the hill I go. Hit Colfax and I'm damned near in white-out conditions. Fortunately it had been warm enough the snow wasn't sticking, so made decent time, all the while wondering "Why the hell hadn't it snowed like this in Jan when I came up here to ski?" Never fails. Weather in Reno thankfully turned out to be great. Got checked in and relaxed for the evening.

    Monday arrived, woohoo! Hit the golf course (Wolf Run) for my 11 o'clock tee time. Life's looking real good at this point. Weather is perfect, a little breeze, temps in the upper 50s and rising. Start my round birdie, birdie, and wind up posting an 80. YEAH!! Haul butt back to the hotel, have time to unwind then it's get cleaned up and I head for the Bunny Ranch. Personally, I think Nevada DOT needs to intall a lane from Reno out past Carson City just for people going to the BR, cause the traffic was moving WAY to slow for my tastes hehehe. Finally after what seemed like an eternity (ok, it was maybe 35 minutes or so) I pulled into the parking lot at the BR. The remodel is looking awesome, and it looks like they are just about complete. Very Old West look to the place now, with a huge porch out front, it's really nice. Go around the side and walk in through the dining area and spy Jenny with her back to me and starting off down the hallways. She turns and sees me, lets out a little yell and about crushes me with a big huge hug and kiss. Makes me think she was happy to see me or something hehehe. I know I was certainly happy to see her cause she was wearing a Girl Scout outfit the likes of which needs to be seen to be believed. HOLY COW!!! Jenny always looks amazing anyways, but I'll be damned if she was selling cookies I woulda bought the whole damn truckload from her. After she let me go, I handed over her gift bag and we sat at the bar while she unwrapped her stuff. The we took it back to her room then came back out front to have a couple drinks. At this point I finally got to meet Team Neo. Laci and Savanah were both sitting out in the parlor relaxing and I went over with Jenny and sat with them, Eden, Audrey and Anna Suvari, whom I got to meet as well. So we sit there for about an hour or so having drinks and chatting and having a ball. Just to fill in anyone who hasn't met either of these lovely ladies, Savanah reminds me of Tinkerbelle, she's such a little pixie with short blonde hair and an impish smile. Plus she's tiny so I swear she could totally play Tinkerbelle off with no problem. Laci is a stunning redhead with a sweet southern accent and a very laid back manner, but once you get her going, hoo boy! More on that later.

    About this time we were all getting hungry, so Jenny went and changed while I sat at the bar talking with Eden. Jenny came out a few moments later wearing a smoking hot red and white polka dot dress. To say it accentuated her figure would be an understatement. Once I picked my jaw up off rhe floor we headed out back to see what Laci and Savanah wanted for dinner. We got that squared away and off we went. Got to the restaraunt and we sat down and had a great time chatting while we were trying to decide on what we wanted and then while waiting for our food to come. So about MAYBE halfway through dinner, Jenny's phone goes off. A text from Laci. Now remember, Laci is a southern gal. Down home southern if you know what I mean. The text message? "Where our grub? We're hungry!" LOL. Here we are trying to have a romantic dinner out and now we gotta deal with "grub" hehehe We laughed about that all the way back to the Ranch once we got the "grub" So food delivered, we sat down with Laci and Savanah and watched a little tv. The Bachelor was on. Savanah's favorite show. So much so, Savanah gets emotional. Wrong thing to do with Laci and Jenny around, cause all of a sudden Laci's talking about how since they're up at Lake Tahoe in Harrah's for this episode, she'd screw the guy right off the bat so she could hit the craps tables and not be disturbed. Then Jenny takes note that the show promotes alcoholism because they always seem to have wine or some other drinks around. Then it shifts to how they wouldn't want to do it because of all the work it would take, what with 30 women all competing for one man. Wait a minute! We do that now everytime we have a lineup! Now it's The Bachelor, Bunny Ranch hehehehehe. After we're done laughing our asses off about this, Jenny and Laci start picking on Savanah, because tiny little Savanah had the whole couch to herself, while Laci was in one chair, and I was in another with Jenny sitting on my lap. (believe me, the seating arrangement was just perfect from where I was sitting hehe) So Laci starts about how she's so huge and can barely squeeze out of the chair. Me being the gentleman I am (that and the fact she isn't huge by any means) tell her to stop it. Then I tell her I could pick her up no problem seeing as she's so light. She looks at me, puts a hand on a hip, green eyes flashing and says "I bet you couldn't" Wrong thing to say to Crash. I tell her Oh I bet I could hoist you over my shoulder no problem at all. Then she brings up no firemans carry, I gotta pick her up in my arms, and carry her to her bed. And I can't grunt when I do it either. Then she puts her arms out waiting for me and gives me one of those "C'mon, I dare ya" looks. Up out of the chair comes Crash, off goes my watch, and in one motion up goes Laci's ass, and the rest of her, right off the floor. No grunt either. Now Laci is in my arms, squealling and kicking her legs, while I'm standing there asking her directions to her room. She points cause at this point she can't talk, and I take her across the room, to her door and without hesitating, I slide sideways through the door and set (not plop) her down nice and gently on the bed. Later she said she also didn't think I could get her through the doorway, and that I would just drop her on the bed. So now Laci is all hot n bothered, cause apparently I have just fulfilled a fantasy of hers without even knowing it, and her face is about as red as one of those fancy budweiser bottles they have now. So she jumps into chat and starts recounting the evening, talking it out while she's typing. Jenny, Savanah and I are just dying laughing listening to her. Gotta love Team Neo, and I told ya once you get Laci going look out.

    Now it's about time for Jenny and I to take our leave from Laci and Savanah, so we head off to the Bungalow and spend the rest of the night with each other. We wake up the next morning pretty worn out but both with pretty big smiles on our faces (big surprise there) Jenny went out to grab some coffee for us, wearing only my jacket (which will NEVER look that good ever again), shocked poor Bella who was getting her morning walk with Brooke, and then returned and we had our coffee and "breakfast" About the time we decide to head out to the bar, I look over and see that I'm so not making my 10 o'clock tee time I had for tuesday morning. Yes I know, "Crash you ought to know better than that." I knew when I booked the tee time I wasn't going to make it, since Jenny has made it perfectly clear on a number of occasions that I'm a captive once I walk through the door until she decides to let me leave hehe. Why I did will remain a mystery for the ages. So I got showered up while Jenny went back to her room to change, and thankfully it was in to one of the outfits I had bought her. WOW! I'm not normally one to pat myself on the back, but damn did I pick the right outfit for her. Holy Smokes! I got another nice hug, and she sat down on my lap in the barstool and we had coffe and got the chat more with Laci, Savanah, Austin, Bunny for a bit, and my favorite bartender, Wendy. Soon we were all hungry so I offered to grab lunch. Got In n Out burgers for the girls that wanted some and after eating lunch and having a drink or two it was time for me to go (cry). All in all, it was another exceptional trip to the Bunny Ranch. I always feel not only welcomed when I'm there but also like I'm in a second home. The ladies are always wonderful to chat with, great to look at, and beyond words to party with. Already can't wait for my next trip back up!!!
  2. Your the greatest Crash!!! Not only do you have amazing taste in presents for me but you always seem to know my sizes!

    I can't wait for another romantic night with you, even if you only got 4 hours sleep :)

    Thank you again for an amazing 24 hours :)
  3. Aww sweetheart, I'm the one who owes you the thanks. And if I'm the greatest it's only because you inspire me to be that way. Glad you not only like your presents but that they fit so well. I guess I can pick them well from all the up close and personal measuring I get to do hehehe. Guess even with 4 hours of sleep I can remember the important details for my next trip up hehehehe
  4. Crash

    You are a gentleman.. and i have alot of respect for you. Thanks for the report.. now I know what to do do Laci when I see her :D
  5. y

    :shock: Dayam Crash, now that's what I am talkin' about! Great report on your entire trip. That was a good read.....inspiring aspiring bunny worshipers everywhere to grab their daytimers, dip into their 401ks, and hit victoria's secret on their way to Nevada.....with a quick stop to fill up a starbucks gift card........ 8)
  6. Re: y

    Score!! I love VS!!
  7. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Great report Crash. Reading your report is making me more and more relaxed and more excited to be going! I'm glad you had a GREAT time with Jenny. I hope to be as lucky as you to have such fun with all the sweet ladies at the Moonlite Bunnyranch
  8. I guess im just in disbelief that Jenny set you free?:shock: ...? and you went...?


    JK! :twisted:
  9. Crash

    Great report - just did my first trip and see why the BR is so special.

    I agree with you on that roadway change to get 395 right down to CC around the business sector - I started debating mentally the true cost of a ticket or 2 in order to get the velocity picked up!
  10. OMG thank you for the pics crash!!
  11. You're welcome :) Glad you like them.
  12. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    Congrats once again on another great trip. Thanks for the report.
  13. kevinz0071
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    Congrats on what sounds like a fine evening at the BR. I can't wait to spend a day with my favorite bunny Audrey but will have to save up for it. Great report
  14. It was so great to get to meet and hang out with you. I hadn't laughed so much in a long time. And yes, Grub is a high priority on my list, I don't skip meals. :) I'm still blushing over the picking me up, even up'ing the degree of difficulty didn't stop you, I am very impressed! I am looking forward to seeing you on you next visit.
  15. Oh the pleasure was all mine Laci. And like you I hadn't laughed that much or that hard in a long long time either. Everytime I think my trips can't get any better or more special I get proven worng, and you and Savanah are certainly part of that reason for this one.

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