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  1. Are there any couples who have partied at the MLBR? I'm looking to take my boyfriend for his birthday and wanted to know if there were any couples who could suggest a Bunny that can show us a good time :wink:

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    Check your PM sweetie!!!
  3. If you have the time you can sift through alot of the reviews here in this section and there are many by couples. It may take some digging but I'm sure you will find many pleased couples who have reported about their experience with the lady they partied with.
  4. Laci Ann is great with couples

    We just got back after parting with Laci. we were very nervous but she put us at ease.. not going into detail but haveing Laci on one side of me and my beautiful wife on the other was great.. and that is just how it started.. and nobody was left out..

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