Come Play in Sturgis

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Team Bunnyranch is on its way to Sturgis on Friday for 10 days.

    This will be a wild one, they say 700,000 people are going to be there.

    We have the only commercial booth at Rock the rally that will have over 200,000 people at the concert venue park.

    The Bunnies and I will be bringing on
    Tom Petty
    Big & Rich
    The Black Crows
    Keith Urban
    Steve Miller band
    and many more bands.


    The new Pink Bunny Bike will be on display for the everyone to enjoy. See the pics on the thread on top of my forum.

    If your in Stugis, pls come say hello, we will be hosting big parties all through the event.


    Bikes are not near as fun to ride as BUNNY'S, but are the next best thing to a good long Bunny ride.
  2. Which Bunnies are going?
  3. Someday I will get my own Harley and ride to a hot event like Sturgis! Have a great time everyone! kisses Fire
  4. sounds hot, on a harley in a bikini top and black leather chaps
  5. Daddy -

  6. ??

    I had the opportunity to ride to Sturgis in 1999. Well I will be honest, I was driving the van behind our "Dogs". I am not willing to sit on the back of a bike for that long, I value my no-no spot to much. The vibration is stimulating but if done to long it can become hazardous to my occupation :lol:

    I enjoyed the event and would recommend everyone goes at least once in their lifetime. It's indescribable enjoyment 8)

    Licks and Kisses,
    Mia Morgan
  7. How about just the bikini... :oops:

  8. Fuck,it's going to be hot.I'll be in the Bus with the A/C cranked........
  9. Re: ??

    Your smart take care of your little kitty.

    Yesterday I saw so many girls on the back of bikes as we came from Sturgis to Denver to get our flight. THEY WERE MISERABLE, its was raining and they were hiding theirs faces.

    I don't sitting on a bitch pad for a 1000 miles is good for kitty, to much pressure in one spot. If kitty needs pressure, I will apply it hard and and fast.

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