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  1. CoCo and I had our third 1.5 hour GFE party this year in early May.

    CoCo is a strikingly beautiful and very bright woman. She provides the ultimate GFE party. I count myself fortunate to have CoCo as a special girl friend and you will also after your first party. Contact her or select her from a lineup for your choice of type of party and an experience that you will never forget.

    CoCo recently acquired a Kama Sutra kit. In addition to the expected massage lotions, oils and fragrances, the kit contains three bottles of assorted liquid chocolates and a small brush. When applied to a couple of strategic spots, you create two chocolate frosting “boob” cakes. I again got to lick the frosting from the cakes. CoCo also put some of the chocolate on me and then she licked me clean. Now that activity is a fun experience.

    CoCo also suggested use of the outdoor Jacuzzi. Cuddling with CoCo under a sunny sky in the hot water is also an activity not to be missed. When we finished our party, I felt that I had been “ridden hard and put away wet.” Well, the ridden hard part is true, but towels and robes are furnished during use of the Jacuzzi.

    Thank you CoCo for the intimacy, pleasure and fun activities that you have provided to me.
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    Can't wait to meet her and put in my review of our time together 29 more days see you soon darlin
  3. You sound like you had a blast! I know you did. She is one amazing girl!
  4. Coco really is the best!
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    Hey Sweetie! What a great time we had together....I couldn't have described our second experience any better. I do believe the chocolate and jacuzzi made this time even more fun. What will come up with for our next encounter??? You are such a fun person to have at the ranch, and we all love your company! Stay Sweet and see you soon!!! xoxo...CoCo
  6. am thinking about booking coco for aparty she looks like a strippers i really like one time
  7. question

    wHAT IS gfe? THANKS
  8. GFE (Girl Friend Experience)

    Check the TheMenu on top of the home page. A GFE (Girl Friend Experience) is somewhat different than a PSE (Porn Star Experience). I try to incorporate multiple intimate, pleasurable, and fun activities into a party similar to what you would experience with a long time girl friend. The parties therefore tend to be longer than a single activity party devoted to a specific sexual experience. Negotiate with your bunny to determine the type and number of activities that she finds acceptable and will incorporate into your party.
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    Another fantastic review from one of my old favorites of the BR......thank you @Harold for sharing your experiences of our time together. They were truly memorable for me as well!

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    Awesome review!!! Have @CocoBrantley fulfill your fantasies to cum!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

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