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  1. CoCo and I had our fifth GFE (girl friend experience) party in early August. Five appointments during my five visits to the MLBR this year. I like CoCo and you will too.

    CoCo has been Bunny of the Month (top booker) twice this year. Her beauty, personality, outstanding parties, multiple pictures, and many (19) Real Life Ranch Report posts account for her success.

    CoCo is innovative during her parties. I did French and Australian (you know, down under – stole that one from the message board) Kissing during our party. CoCo produced her Kama Sutra kit and I had the flavor choices of CoCo al natural, strawberry, or tangerine.

    Kissing and hugging are always a very pleasurable activity during a party with CoCo. Each of our successive parties has become more intense as we learn how to better pleasure each other. CoCo achieved satisfaction by five different techniques during this party.

    We spent some time cuddling in the outdoor hot tube and then again back in her room, which is the former VIP room at the MLBR, to end the formal portion of our party.

    CoCo and I then spent time as a couple in the parlor. CoCo had won a bottle of champagne and we shared the contents of the bottle as we talked to each other and to some of the other ladies. We then watched the photographer take bunny pictures in one of the out buildings. I even got to take a couple of the pictures. CoCo then prepared cheese nachos for an afternoon snack and later we had supper in the kitchen.

    I know that I will continue to request the pleasure her company during my subsequent visits to the MLBR. Make an appointment now and have your own party with CoCo. Parties with CoCo are one life experience not to be missed.
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    You are too sweet! I do apologize for my late reply to your thoughtful post of our last encounter, but I have been MIA from the boards lately. I am thankful to know such a man as yourself. You are so sweet and our experiences together have been nothing but completely special! I am glad we got to go to dinner on your last visit and catch up a bit. Amy is a sweetheart for inviting me. Like I said the food was great but the company even better. Can't wait to see you again soon.....and I know someone else that will be patiently awaiting your return :)....
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    Coco is an outstanding Bunny. I am fortunate to have been able to party with her in june of this year. I can also testify that she is a great hostess and very passionate lady also an outstanding kisser :oops: I enjoyed my party very much with Coco and look orward to future ones
  4. with her big blue eye's and her southern charm ......she's the girl i'll have on my arm tonight !
    from my song ....bunny ranch blues ,gonna be singing it when i arrive !

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