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  1. Allow me to set the stage of what is likely not a common party at the Bunny Ranch, but certainly one worth reporting. As a Valentine’s gift, my wife surprised me with a wonderful offer of a threesome. I thought long and hard about whether to accept this offer….yeah right, I was online doing research with her before she finished her sentence!

    Knowing nothing about brothels, but realizing I had a trip already scheduled for Vegas for some business during the last week of March, I spent a lot of time online learning what I could. Trust me, we passed several Brothels more convenient to Vegas than the 7 hour drive to the Bunny Ranch, but when you want the best, you do what it takes to get there.

    My wife had some ground rules she wanted us to follow, and so it was important that we got as comfortable as possible with a girl or two prior to actually committing anything. I contacted via email probably 20 girls to find our match. Now, enter the picture the amazing Coco Brantley.

    From the very beginning, it was obvious to my wife and I that Coco was really listening to what we had to say, and was quite open to providing the “tame” party that we were pursuing. No auto-reply emails here. In fact, Coco responded again and again as we kept pelting her with newbie question after newbie question. I would imagine that some working girls would see us as an easy mark (I suppose we were!), but Coco really gave us the feeling that she would give us what we wanted.

    We arrived on Easter Sunday evening. The atmosphere was very laid back. We were early, and Coco was still getting ready, and so we relaxed (as much as possible as we were pretty nervous) with a drink and waited for Coco to arrive. Soon, she did and immediately sat down beside my wife and we talked for about 20 minutes about everything and nothing.

    Next came the tour which, for first timers, was neat to see. We were really impressed by the cleanliness of the place. We then went back to Coco’s room and went into negotiations. That took about 30 seconds. The process was painless. Coco was upfront, and so were we, and we worked it out.

    After booking the party, Coco set out to get us as relaxed as possible. We went to the hot tub and had some champagne and talked about all manner of things before heading back to her room again. Coco then hooked up a great play list from her ipod with music selected specifically to maintain the environment to keep us comfortable. She broke out some massage oil and together we massaged my wife. Honestly, we really didn’t know what to suggest or “direct” Coco to do, but she was ready for that. She had suggestions ready, and each one moved us a little further along.

    What started out as a nervous period of uncertainty had moved into two beautiful women working me over at the same time. After that incredible time was over, the balance of our time was spent by Coco and my wife massaging me with that same oil.

    It was a completely tame party, and certainly not the no holds barred experiences many have detailed here before. However, it was EXACTLY what we hoped to experience with our first experience at the Bunny Ranch.

    As we initially left the hotel for the Bunny Ranch, my wife was quite nervous and scared about the experience, and about me being with another woman right in front of her. As we left the Bunny Ranch, she told Coco that she felt like she could just call her up and chat as a friend because she was so nice and friendly.

    That, my friends on the forum, is the description of a consummate professional. Coco provided exactly what this customer wanted, and remained very in touch with our levels of comfort and relaxation throughout the party. I’m sure she would do the same or more for you. If you are after personal attention and are coming in a little nervous or unsure about the experience (especially if you are a couple), look up Coco Brantley. She is absolutely worth it.

    As a conclusion, we were informed that our time was up, and yet Coco was very unrushed in ending our party. We sat and chatted for several minutes about some common interests. My previously timid wife took some time to scarf up souvenirs including some bunny ranch clothes for her, and a really cool Bunny Ranch shirt that Coco took to all the available girls and had them sign.

    From the moment we walked to the gate when the hostess recognized us by name, to the concluding moment of the trip when the wonderfully polite Miss Glenda fawned over some pictures of our three month old daughter, we felt like everyone at the Bunny Ranch wanted us to be there.

    I feel like that this is largely due to the efforts and planning of the wonderful Coco Brantley. If you seek personal attention to detail and an environment that exceeds your expectations, look up Coco Brantley. You will be glad you did.

    - Sorry for the length of this, my first post, but I had a lot to say about a great time!

    The Vol
  2. As I read your posting I couldn't help but smile since I can echo everything you said about CoCo, especially your wife's comment that she "felt like she could just call her up and chat as a friend because she was so nice and friendly." CoCo is definitely very unique and wonderful and I'm pleased you and your wife had such a great time. I have a friend who's interested in threesomes and if he ever goes to the ranch with his girlfriend I think CoCo's the right girl for them, too. Your posting confirms what I thought. :)
  3. I thank you both for everything. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and it was amazing for you to let me be a part of the most intimate part of your life together. Your story of our time together was very sweet, and I am glad to know the both of you enjoyed the experience as much as I did. I hope this was the first of many BunnyRanch journeys to come!!! Keep in Touch!!! xoxo...CoCo
  4. Thanks Changeling! They were an amazing couple and I really enjoyed becoming their friend in the process. Hopefully, I'll see your friend and his girlfriend one day!!! Can't wait to see you again soon too. xoxo...CoCo
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    Cmon June Hurry up reading this post makes me anticipate June even more. Though I come to the ranch by myself I do truly look forward to all my visits
  6. Thanks Kevin and Changeling for the comments. You both cannot go wrong to experience or recommend Coco.

    And thanks to Coco for the kind words. You were incredible.

    Also, a general note, the limits of photography just don't do justice to really any of the bunnies once you've seen them in person. Sunday evening I saw some bunnies I recognized from the website...Anna Suvari, Alexis Fire, Maya Love, Kandi Hart, Nikki Breeze...and let me tell you, as amazing as they look on their profiles on this website, to see them in person is to be in awe of their beauty.

    Truly a great experience for all I was able to do AND see.
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    My first experience at the BunnyRanch with a couple. Believe it or not, this is another moment from my BR vault that I remember. I treated them as a friend from the time they emailed me. Couples visiting the ranch for the first time have so many questions, but my main concern is always making sure it’s a fun and most importantly comfortable experience while you’re here. Looking forward to so many more couples coming to visit me at the BunnyRanch!!!

    Bunny Hugs & Kisses.....
    CoCo Brantley
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    Awesome review!!! Have @CocoBrantley fulfill your fantasies to cum!!!
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