Cathouse: is it too glorified?

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Should cathouse (The TV series) uncover the deeper issues in brothels?

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  1. I was looking around the site and came across a monologue of a Dr. Phil show. There were two twins on the show and one of them wanted the other to work at a brothel, because their services would be worth a lot of money (at least $500,000 combined.)

    Dr. Phil and an ex-working girl were very negative about the whole subject, the girl saying that the experiences had haunted her ever since. She also asked the million-dollar question: Can you put a price on your body? Other problems come into this, such as love, trust and morality. If love is the ultimate feeling a person can have, and sex is a token of this love, is selling sex moral?

    I'm not in agreement with Dr. Phil but reading the monologue did make me think. I'm a fully functioning red-blooded 18 year-old male and I watch the programme and it seems right. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with what the girls are doing. The brothel being a legal one, its a lot safer than having illegal street prostitutes in many ways.

    It just made me think though. Should cathouse uncover the deeper issues in brothels?

    Please reply.

    Ryan Byrne (UK)
  2. Um.... no... it's called entertainment...not necessarily education...if you want to go "deeper" into the business...check the streets...those girls can really have it rough..

    Dennis takes care of his women
  3. Everything is education. Would there be anything wrong with presenting the issue of brothels more objectively.i.e discussing the moral issues? We would still find it entertaining.
  5. My deeper issue is a certain person deep....into MY business :wink:

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