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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. The Bunny's have been invited to the surreal life.

    Who should we send?

    What Bunny wants to go?
  2. I think Shelly OR BUNNY LOVE
  3. I think Shelly Dushell, Air Force Amy, or Bunny Love would be great to send! She seems so down to earth and fun! Yeah I would pick her for sure!

  4. Dennis,

    Send Niki. She's horny as a 15 year old boy and she won't take crap off any other contestant. :lol:
  5. OH that is sooo cool!! I can't wait to see which one goes! I think Shelly would be a good pic to go.
  6. How long are they going to be taping for Daddy?
  7. Send that Hot Bunny that was wearing the Ears on HBO........
  8. we'll have to get "her" to shave her back
  9. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    Put all the names of the bunnybabes names in a hat that want to be on The Surreal Life and draw a name. It's a pretty fair way of deciding.
  10. I'd turn in to watch Air Force Amy on the Surreal Life.....
  11. Isn't the Surreal Life for has-been & wannabe celebs? I don't think any of the bunnies qualify as either.
  12. You have several quality options for sure. I don't know Bunny Love at all really, but she absolutely KILLS me! She's so funny and she's also crazy (I mean that as a serious compliment). She's got such a lively personality! She'd bring a certain energy, a flare to that show.
  13. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    We might as well throw Dennis, Madame Suzette's and Kris' names in the hat.
  14. April 2 nd in Las Vegas, one afternoon
  15. hehe

    Well since I am a adopted bunny LOL I say send me, Kandi, Bunny (girl has wayyyyyyyy too much energy, Shelly, and Jenny, hehe

    I can be there like umm the unofficial bunny house adopted sister, hehe
  16. Daddy D, I think you should go with whichever Bunny gets picked!!

  17. jenny

    send jenny!!
  18. i wanna ho!! oh, i mean go!!! that'd be sooo much fun :D :D
    I WOULD BITCH BUT HE IS RIGHT :wink: :twisted: :wink:

  20. i would watch brooke!!
  21. I would tune in to see any of the ladies on the show. they are all so beautiful.
  22. I would watch Brooke, Niki, Jenny.. and all of the bunnies... all absolutely amazing looking women :D
  23. Air Force Amy

    Not basing my vote on 'favoritism' but rather its who would make "GOOD" television... I think Air Force Amy would be real entertainment on the Surreal Life...just imagine, perhaps they can get Tipper Gore in the house with her, hehehe.
  24. Re: jenny

    Thanks MM! your such a doll!
  25. Travel Bunny

    Well Jenny, at least they wouldn't have to travel far being that is being filmed in Vegas. :wink:
  26. I can't help but see his point there....
    but in the heart of the topic, here goes my extra ordinary humble opinion....
    *This is a reality show I'd ACTUALLY watch* :shock:
    (in no particular order)
    1) Air Force Amy
    2) Jazmyn Blue
    3) Jenny Lace OOPS! meant Jenny LaNe! :oops:
    4) 'J' Avery Blue
    5) Erin
    6) Bunny Lane
    7) Katnip
    8 ) Audrey
    9) Niki Newman
    You know what, Big D, we have time for me to go into all this.... You'll make the right decision.... You have an uncanny knack for that kind of thing! :wink:

    Please be sure to keep us posted as to the airing date! Thanks.
  27. I have watched that show.. you need someone with charactor.
    My vote would be:
    Niki Newman
    Air force Amy
    Brooke Taylor
    you need some one that can pu up with the BS drama that happens there.

  29. The show is thinking 20, maybe you should go with us.
  30. What do you mean, "20"? Are you talking about age?
  31. No, 20 girls

  32. Holy hell...that would be incredible!
  33. ---------------------------------
  34. That would be so much fun!! Are you serious?
  35. you are so sweet, dean1980!!! thanks for the vote!! :wink:
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