Bunny's on Howard Stern

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. It was a super fun time and the Bunny's were amazing.

    I took
    Brooke Taylor
    Baby Bunny April
    Madam Suzette
    Moon shadow, the blind Bunny
    Felicia fox

    Moon shadow rode Howard's favorite sex toy, the cybian til she squirted, OMG Howard was screaming.

    we are off to do man more radio stations now.

  2. Im listening to it right now :D
  3. I have to say, from the sounds of it, it was quite an amazing sybian ride!!!!

  4. Yes it was...... It got me a bit ummmm...slippery :wink: lol :twisted:
  5. OMG1 she squirted all over it and all the guys in the studio said they had hard ons.

    It was crazy, when she pops its like a volcano go off, I have seen it in person, she explodes. Love it1
  6. WOW!!!! I dont have sirius but just hearing about it gave me a hard on. A woman who can squirt is a big turn on for me. I will be looking for Moonshadow on my visit to the ranch.
  7. someday i will get a life and be like every normal person and get sirius radio but intil then i will just have to hear everybody else talk about it :(

  8. I did hear that it sounded so hot.... :twisted:

    I hope it goes on Howard Tv
  9. Were there any recordings taken of that show ? :D
  10. I have Sirius and was late for work because I had to listen to the Bunny babes. Yes, I think they said they would put it in Howard TV.

    You should get a Bunny Babe/Cathouse Channel on Sirius!

    The Bunnys were amazing on Stern!


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    girls on Howard Stern

    Hey Dennis

    The girls looked great on the pics. DIdn't listen to the show but glad a good time was had by all. Have to say though my favorite BUnny Audrey looked fantastic 102 days to go till I get to see her again.

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