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  1. We are going to start doing Bunnyranchhookerart.com.

    We have secured the web address of Bunnyranchhookerart.com

    I am finding the girls very talented, some do art, some play music, some dance. What a talented group of girls.

    What would you like to see in art, give me suggestions.


    Give us your ideas.
  2. Thats a great idea. It will be cool to see the artistic talents of the bunnies. I'm a huge art lover so I can't wait until the site is up.
  3. What about an erotic photography section?
  4. Do you see the art as fun stuff or sexy?

  5. I think amix would be nice. A lot of people thin personality is the most sexy thing so it would be a good way to express that but I dont think you can have a bunny ranch art site without some sexy stuff.
  6. I agree with Jess that a mix would be good. I'm a huge fan of art, and I would love to see their artistic talents. This should be very interesting to see, as art is a key point in my life...minor at this minute but still a key point.
  7. I think a mix of erotic paintings and photography would generate a lot of interest in both viewers and potential buyers. The art would take care of itself as far as what people enjoy and willing to view or buy. My preferences are probably vastly different than the next person so a large variety of artists/styles and mediums will have a braod appeal.

    The photography might be a bit trickier insomuch as a photo that looks like it was shot in a cheezy studio with poor lighting and subpar equipment just looks bad period. I'm sure there would be no shortage of excellent photographers willing to step up and photograph all the lovely bunnies.
  8. Thats a great idea. Erotic photography is as sexy as it gets.
  9. \What a great idea Dennis, we are already getting alot of emails from very talented ladys. I received a few emails from a couple of ladys who graduated from a top art school in the country. they will be here at the Moonlite Bunnyranch soon to show you some of their beautiful artwork. They emailed me some of their pictures. These particular ladies are very very talented.
  10. anybody can take a room and give it the studio lighting setting...I learned this in photography. . .If we are talking erotic photos, I would like to see the photographers down at Playboy take the photos of the bunnies. I love the photos they took of Carmella DeCesare for her Year award photo-shoots, very classy and yet very seductive.

    but even having new people to step up to the plate to prove they can take pictures would be interesting too, because they might have a technique that is just right for a particular bunny or two. Its all about individual tastes.
  11. I like that, some of the girls are very creative.

    good idea!
  12. You are so right, lights, makeup and hair are big parts of the pic.

    I think I will build a studio.

  13. Yeah...same here buddy!
  14. Indeed. It would be fun to see the Bunnies take some pics, or have visitors try their hand at it. Playboy photogs would be great. Steven Wayda is utterly phenomenal. Ken Marcus also does awesome work as does Steven Diet Goeddes. I'm sure there are plenty of talented local shutterbugs that could make the bunnies look like a million bucks as well
  15. Steve and Ken both do great work also earl Miller.

    When we set up the studio we could have photo parties.

    Girls read this carefully!!!! More guys would do this than you know, it kind of turns me on, I want the LA team to model for me first, Lindsey & Ashleylo.

    What Bunny would you like to take erotic photos of?
  16. LA team...haha...funny one D....I'am sure you'd love it.

    Erotic photos of...Alexis, Jenny & bunny.
  17. I'm game :lol:
  18. Dennis, LaineyLee does excellent erotic paintings.... You should check them out!!!

    Lainey, post a few pics for Dennis to see!!
  19. Interesting...........
  20. I would like to see Lexi, Bunny, and Jenny pose for erotic photographs if they are up to the challenge. All though, what I would really like to see is all of the bunnies in the Moonlite and BR II pose for a panoramic photo. . .of course you, Madam Suzette, and Kris would have to be in the family portrait as well.
  21. Correct me if I am wrong Dennis, but doesn't a Shelley Duschell have her own website called Hookerart.com where she promotes and sells her paintings???
  22. She is trying but you need media exposure and she casn't get it.

    No matter if you have a good product you have to tell someone it there.

    She is changing her name now that she has retired, to what I don't know, maybe www.retiredhookerart.com, ck it out, just kidding.

    I wish her all the luck in her sales venture.

    The girls have talent and we have a crafts day so we will try art. do oyu want paint with us?
  23. LMAO :lol:
  24. Lainey show us your titts, I mean pics.
  25. Your right, come paint with the girls or I can body paint you.

    I have no skills but a lot desire.
  26. I'll be interested to see if these pics are posted.
  27. She is a hottie and her work is awesome... :lol:
  28. Heya Dennis:

    I have always wanted to have some of my performance art contortion poses painted...., what do you think? kisses Fire
  29. I love it, lets do it ASAP.

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