BunnyRanch Tea Party

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  1. I would like to invite everyone out to our tea party. Any thursday at 3pm. And that means boys too. everyone has fun. we always have a different topic and guest speaker. the girls introduce themselves and have tea and raffles. If you would like to be a guest speaker please feel free to call me at 1888 bunnyranch. Love to meet with you.
  2. Madam's tea party

    Madam's tea party

    Part tea party

    Part sales meeting

    Part fuckerwear party

    Part gossip column

    Part half naked hotties

    And the funniest party you will ever attend.

    If you are in the area, take Suzie up on the offer, you will have a lot to tell the girls at the office.

    If you work for Jerry falwell don't tell the girls in the office, Jerry will want to attend.
  3. Dear Suzette,

    Tea sounds great...raspberry is my fave...

    I think you're beautiful....
  4. AmishEyeCandy? lets serve it at the party, I will eat a lot of that. I am hungry sittin gon this set in Hollywood
  5. AmishEyeCandy

    It's Nursewildfire.... I screwed up my registration under my nursie nic....so eyecandy is the next best thing :wink:
  6. Re: AmishEyeCandy

    Screwed up huh? You must be punished!!! Hard.
  7. yeah yeah yeah.... promises promises...
  8. tea party

    Dear Amish, thank you very much. make sure you stop by and visit us during our tea partys. every thurs at 3.

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