BunnyRanch Shirt gets you layed

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. I got this sent to me, cool huh? I hear this all the time.

    hay dennis, my bunny ranch shirt, the one that looks kind of like a harley logo...well its getting kind of worn. how do i get another one without flying across the country to get one...
    so im in shithole milwakee on an overnight...im at a bar rocking my bunny ranch t-shirt, these girls from across the bar keep looking over at me and talking, finally one comes on over and says to me...hay does that say BUNNY RANCH HAVE YOU BEEN THERE", i think she was very surprised when i said "YA, IT WAS AWSOME", i dont think she was expecting that answer in the way i exclaimed. it was cool though, i went over to there side of the bar and they intently listened, they had sooo many questions, anyways it was a good time. there on my myspace now and i still talk to them...really cool people...
    so i need a new one before bike week!
    can you put a date on them...like 06,07 or something!
    cya man, keep it stiff!
  2. Well if its getting people layed then I may need to pick one up. Does it come with a guarantee?
  3. If the shirt does not get you done. i guess I will juts have to take care of you myself.

    Now how much better guarantee can a girl ask for?
  4. I agree Jess. I think I'll order 100 of them 8)
  5. Can I pass on the shirt and just take the guatantee?
  6. YES!

    Can you be here today, I woke up feeling real nasty & horny.

    I will be a hand full today.
  7. didnt get laid for sum months now..i need a t-shirt ASAP lol!
  8. Does a free bunny come with the shirt then? :lol: :lol:
  9. I think we are on to something, a shirt and some Bunny Booty all in a package.
  10. lol, yea. I got the free t-shirt.
  11. Sounds like a marketing plan here! a shirt and a bunny booty!
  12. Wear it w/ PRIDE!! then put the t-shirt on...lol
  13. One of these nights if it gets slow I'll put on one of my Bunnyranch tank tops and see if it gets me laid! kisses Fire
  14. oK! l love this
  15. I get a lot of comments & looks from people when I wear my BR T-shirt. Guys stop me & ask me questions about the ranch like where it is, what are the prices etc. Women ask me how much the girls make a year, how do they apply to work there. And old people usually just give me a nasty look. LOL
  16. Good for you!!

    I am making you an official BunnyRanch Taster, tell the girls when they ask you about work.
  17. I wore my bunnyranch ball cap to the bar last weekend. Its very pink so it gets noticed very quickly. Guys ask and I say, yes i've been there. Shock and awe are first response. Then I said I had the time of my life which got me a free drink. couple Girls stole it from me so they could wear it, but I managed to get it back. I'm pretty sure I'm bringing one of those girls home next weekend :wink:
  18. well damn, i need to get some bunnyranch merchandise cuz nothing is happining otherwise
  19. kevinz0071
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    Bunny Ranch T-shirt

    I think I'll definitly have to get me a shirt the next time I come out to the Ranch. I would wear that shirt all the time. Hey dennis heres an idea for a shirt put I screwed like a rabbit at the Bunny ranch on the back lol. No but seriously save me a shirt for when i come out in March Black extra large with the Harley logo.
  20. I got the water bottle, the lighter and I ordered the shirt it should be here soon.

    Hope it works ;)
  21. If you put anything with isabella's face on it i will buy it
  22. You are now the official talent scout for Tennessee.
  23. Bunny Ranch Shirts

    You usually can pick them up at Bike Week or i've seen them on sturgisbikeweek.com

    I will send you a cool shirt and I want you to go into a bar and tease all the boys, tell them your a bunny & real horny, then once they are all over you, I will come in and say

  25. Sigh, What a nice thought :wink:
  26. LOL. I am fairly certain that you could make even a *parka* so sexy that you would get laid. (But it would make the contortionist moves a wee bit harder)

    Take care @};-
  27. Where are you Domino? I havent seen you on the board for a very long time and I really really miss ya. :cry:

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