Bunnyranch on Adam Carolla show

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Yes team Bunnyranch is on the adam Carolla show tomorrow.

    We go on at 8 15am pst.

    Please listen in and ck out Adam's site I am sure there will be pics.
  2. Great News. I'll be listening on the web.
  3. Is that on sirius radio?
  4. i hope i can find it here
  6. Woke up a lil late but, but I listening to it online right now...

    Link for who ever else wants it.. :)

  7. *edit* I found this also..thought u guys might like to see it!
  8. Nice show. I voted for the bro' who got stabbed and is raising the kids. But as a former Marine, I was happy he won. Good job Dennis and bunnies. A lot of fun.
  9. heard the show this am... I listen each am to Adam's show... had to pop in here and check the site out...

    Adam has the clip with the Dennis and the Bunnies online now...
  10. I loved the stories.

    I like the guy that was about to lose his virginity, went in the bathroom to go and smoke to, he dropped the cherry on his cock and burned the fuck out of his cock and couldn't have sex, funny shit
  11. Don't forget the guy who's wife stabbed him and is in the mental institution and the other guy who only had on ball to play with!! :shock:

    We had HO much fun on the Adam Carolla sHOw!!! Spanks again for inviting us Bunnies, Daddy!! 8)
  12. I have one ball you can play with, while another hot ass like you plays with the other one
  13. That sounds HOT!!! I'd love to play that game!! :wink:

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