Bunnyranch at AVN in Las Vegas

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  1. Team BunnyRanch arrived in Las Vegas for AVN, Thursday. Big Daddy D brought Brooke Taylor the new Star of HBO's smash hit "Cathouse" the new series premiers Feb 1oth (set your Tivo). XXX Porn Star Liv Wylder was on my other arm, what a treat to have these to BunnyRanch hotties on my arm and in my suite. On the Way to our suite we ran into Lil Bear, Kid Rock's body guard, I had not seen him in a while as he was on the move with Rock and Pam.

    Thursday night was really fun, We were invited to do the red carpet at Jenna Jameson's party at the Playboy club at the Palm's. The media came out strong, we did numerous TV and Radio interviews. We even did and interview with long time buddy, KC from he Howard Stern show who now works for Am pd. Playboy shot a lot of video of us including us running Gene Simmons and talikng to him and Jenna & Jessie Jane. Brooke, Bunny Love, Alexis Fire and I did her Playboy show not to long ago.

    We left the Playboy party and went to the Rio to catch the last part of the Penn & Teller show then we went and hung out in the Monkey room, (their green room) after the show, its like a museum den combo. These guys are a lot of fun. While their my bitch Ron Jeremy called and came over, she is always late. Penn loves to rip on Ron, its so funny.

    The boss pf the Rio came in and invited to a private party in the Ghost bar, love the view. It was a cook party in a hot club. Tony Servido from Family Productions joined us, Tony is a promoter that does tours with Daddy Yankee Snoop, Nellie, Lil Jon, etc.

    we all ended up back at the Venetian at the round bar, where all the porn girls were drunk as hell. I can't tell you what happened after that but it was crazy.

    What a night!!!
  2. :D It sounds like you all had a wonderful time :D
  3. Sound like a lot of fun.

    Was so good seeing you and I cant wait to come back as well as see the new show.

  5. Bunnies get to have all the fun :cry:

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