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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by DSnowman, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. My first trip to the Bunny Ranch happened today. And it was wondrous! I arrived to find the front being remodeled and used the alternate entrance (as posted) However I stood just in the door for a minute because I didnt want to wander the wrong direction or something of that sort.. but that is me being dumb...
    Anyways when the lovely ladies lined up... it was just breathtaking soo many beautiful women and then the words "pick one" first thought... do i have to? I want to just embrace this wonderful sight for a bit... Anywhew... all star line up Audry, Lexi, Eden, Bunny, Kandi, Gretchen to name a few...

    Kandi just stood out for some reason and her warm welcoming face screams "pick me" So I follow suit and did just that. NOT to mention she had this incredible outfit that was just insanely sexy on.

    Let me tell you... Never would I have expected such a delight as what this wonderful woman is and has to offer. She was just so easy to talk with and made me feel right as if I belonged there next to her... If only I could have stayed! Kandi has the MOST pristine of bodies and wonderful soft southern/midwestern accent, increadible smile and piercing eyes that could make any man melt. She is the whole 9 yards and beyond!! And the tenderness of which she treated me and devotion she showed to our mutual pleasure was incredible.

    Not only did we have a wonderful party but also we were able to just have a good conversation and get to know one another. We shared some laughs. And I can't wait for my next trip to the ranch and would love to give Kandi an experience as great as she gave me.

    So in summary.... the DIRTYSNOMAN approves with two thumbs up and one other "raised" in salute to the magnificent Kandi.
  2. great report... NO line-up for me though... the ladies would be standing there forever !! I could kiss them and see who is the better kisser :wink:

  3. This is a great section !! Thank you for the great words about our place...and our ladies, Snowman !!
  4. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    All Right, my boy, Dirty Snowman making it out to the Ranch, congrats, my friend and thank you for the report.
  5. :lol: I bet after that party, he became the Dirty water puddle...too hot for the snow man to handle.
  6. Great TR DS. I bet Kandi melted you quicker'n Frosty under a heat lamp :lol:
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    Kandi is gorgeous I can't wait to get back to the ranch and say hello to all the bunnies. Audrey counting down the days sweetie. Lexi and Jenny the anticipation is building till I meet you 2 as well casn't wait
  8. Thanks all of you for reading! I look forward to my next trip to the Ranch and I do hope to spend more time with all of the bunnies as well, I feel I kinda didnt give them their due with not sticking around to chat.

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