Bunny Ranch SOUTH ?

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  1. Dennis,
    Ever think of opening up a 3rd Ranch in a legal area of Southern Nevada, closer to us here in SoCAL?


    be well!

  2. That would be awesome! I love the desert heat and I'd be closer to home!
  3. I like the idea.. lot closer for people going to vegas to party :)
  4. Exactly, closer to Vegas. only 3-4 hrs from southern cal, etc

    Maybe it is illegal in the nearbye counties. I don't know.

  5. That is the big thing.. But if I recall, there is a ranch out there already (outside the city limits)..
  6. Its Illegal in vegas and clark county, but a mere 90 minutes away down the expressway in nye county and its still legal there. i havent been there in years, but when i did stop, there was never women as hot as Erin, Becca and the rest of the bunnies at MLBR. By comparison, I'd rather spend the extra 150 bucks and fly into reno for the MLBR
  7. 7½ hours from Los Angeles

    I have driven the Los Angeles route several times
    It takes me 7½ hours to drive.
    from Los Angeles you take the 10 to Ontario,
    Take the 15 North to the 395 North,
    Then 395 takes you into Carson City,
    Middle of town you take the 50 East for about 7 mmiles and you are here.
    One can of Red Bull and one tank of Gas and your here.
  8. Re: 7½ hours from Los Angeles

    Wow! that's all ! 7 1/2 hours?? I'm just a few miles from the 15 at the 60/57 intersection in diamond bar area.

    I'll copy and paste those directions.

    only 7 1/2 hours Thats very doable. I was thinking 12 hours!

    How fast do you drive and how many stops do you make? :)

  9. Thanks Unforgiven, what a nice thing to say! It's good to see you here on the Bunny board too.
  10. 7½ hours

    That's 7½ hours non stop with one Red Bull.
    I fill up with gas and I am gone.
    But I get pretty good gas mileage in my Van.
    There is a couple of places to fill up with Gas half way there like in Bishop.
    And if you do get tired ... there are motels in Bishop too.
    There is also several places to eat along the way.
    Most of the drive is a beautiful 4 lane highway.
    The first part of 395 is a tight 2 lane road. But then turns into the four lane hwy.
    Then at the end it goes back to a 2 lane road coming out of the mountains.
    Speed is variable. Averaged 70 mph.
    Is Aprox 530 miles,

    I make one stop for food and drink to go in Bishop.
  11. oh, yes, dougie, he has thought of it, several times. You never know what will happen in the future.

  12. AHAH!!!


    It would be very very nice indeed!

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