Bunny Ranch Charity?

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  1. I was curious you at the Ranch and the BunnyBabes sure make great money I was curious what do you do with it to help others in your community and nationally? I'm a firm believer that to those who have more wealth they have a moral obligation to help others less fortunate and am curious how Dennis Hof and the BunnyBabes use their money to help others and what charities they support.
  2. I know that they are having that troops Thanksgiving thing this year
  3. When you come into our parlor you'll see a donation box set up to help the American Red Cross with Hurricane relief. Not to mention the ladies donate to private charities.... they typically will want to be private about it though.... Actions speak louder than words....
  4. Dennis discussed this on the Rita Cosby Show this week.
    Dennis is well known for his Charitible Contributions.
  5. The list is endless

    Nevada Highway patrol
    Children's Museum
    cancer Society
    Wild Horse foundation
    Fire Dept.

    I bet we support over 100 groups, we have a donation box at the ranch and hit up every client for his change, last month there was an article in the paper the money went to am animal cause, Suz what was it? it was your idea.
  6. awww thats so sweet. i don't have tons of money to be throwing around, but whenever i see any sort of animal charity thing going on, i always donate at least something. every little bit helps.

    also, a guy i used to date lost his mother to breast cancer so i support that cause as well. mostly i buy all the jewelry that has proceeds go to some breast cancer fund, but i think that still counts. :lol:

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