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  1. I have a q, how do you guys upkeep having so many girls come in each month? and what if all of them want to work? do you have enough housing or how does it work? :twisted:
  2. I believe I asked the same exact question. lol
  3. hmm

    lol well i just joined so i have no clue
  4. I'm a newbie myself so...

    Nice to meet'cha!
  5. The ranch is lke a hotel, we have chart and we fill the empty spots.

    The hard part is joining team BunnyRanch Suzette will always find room for the main team players, other girls wait for the call.
  6. The ranch is lke a hotel, we have chart and we fill the empty spots.

    The hard part is joining team BunnyRanch Suzette will always find room for the main team players, other girls wait for the call.
  7. I see. That's quite a clever plan. It seems to work well.

    Dennis, what did you do before you purchased the Bunny Ranch?
  8. Resort development. I marketed hotel and time share properties.

    Before that I did lectures mostly in the south pacific.
  9. How did yu come about buying the Bunny Ranch, and who would sell it?
  10. I used to date a girl then 5 years later dated her daughter when she was 18.

    The Girl Bonita ended up with the owner of the ranch. We were all friends and in Palm springs. I took them to the Ritz Carlton for Easter lunch and we were discussing business, when he said"Have you ever thought of owning a Cathouse" I said, "everyone has" He said, "meet me tomorrow for lunch" and here we are 15 years later.
  11. So you obviously were making allot of money before ever purchasing the Ranch?

    I'm sitting here banging my head against a wall trying to land an opportunity that will set me free for life.

    I was in real estate for a while but unfortunately I wasn't able to continue working at that time. I was dealing with some harsh realities regarding my mother's terminal cancer...

    How long did it take you until you finally KNEW you had hit success??? I don't want to work until I'm 65! That has always been something I've known since a very young age. My idea of living is traveling and spending time doing the things you love. Not busting your ass day to day for scraps! I don't want to work for someone forever nor do I want to work until I'm too old to enjoy it.

    I've paid my dues at a very young age. I never got to truly enjoy my 20's and now that 30 is approaching I'm kind of freaking out b/c I haven't done everything I thought I would have before my 30th. I was always a goal setter and anything I wanted I got through hard work and persistence. But now it seems much harder for me.

    I was 22 when my only parent, my best friend in the entire world was taken from me. I was thrown into adulthood quite quickly and before I was able to go after my dreams I had to care for the person who meant the most to me. I literally watched her die and that took a toll on me for quite sometime.

    I've been through hell and high water and I'm exhausted. So, now I firmly believe it's MY TIME! I am just trying to figure out how to do it lucratively. I feel as though I'm lost and can't reach those goals I set.

    My mother struggled and sacrificed her whole life to give me and my sister everything we needed. I just don't want to struggle and then die like she did at the age of 53. It's been heartbreaking.

    Anyway, I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit with an innovative mind...I need to come up with some b4 I'm in my mid 30's! lol. Share some insight Dennis b/c you obviously know how to make $$ and I know that that's where I'm destine to be...Getting there is a bit of a challenge but that's alright...I'll get there somehow!

  12. How very interesting, I work in timeshare for Westgate resorts. I knew there was something I liked about you :wink:
  13. Buy the book by Dale Carnegie " How to stop worrying and start living" this will change your life.

    Focos your energy on something with a big upside not an hourly wage there just isn'rt enough hours in a day. An att will charge $250 an hour, he can't work 40 hours a week and he has expenses. Look at the Anna Nicole thing, Howard K Stern before he hooked up with Anna made 50K a year, she paid him 12,500 a year.

    The Average Bunny makes a six figure income.

    Call me I talk better than I type. 1 888 bunnyranch
  14. Thats why i want to be a bunny

    Dennis you are a truly amazing person. I can't help but admire that. I was 13 when my mom finally left my abusive father after he hit me for the first time.

    I have been living with her and going to school and let me tell you this, its so hard now a days. While in highschool i held down 2 jobs and attended school full time. Sometimes my mom had to work 2 or 3 jobs at 7 bucks an hour just to make ends meet. I want to live my life differently.

    Thats why i would love to be a bunny. But my mom wants me to graduate college first... so...

    Anyhow... Dennis you are giving a wonderful oppurtunity to so many women in this country! Your wonderful!

    Its the oldest profession for a reason... and many who are married are doing the same damn thing!

    Love Ya Big D!

    (HAHA i saw this and had to post it <img><BR><a>Funny Videos</a>)

    Love Amanda!
  15. Re: Thats why i want to be a bunny

    Give your momn a big kiss from Big Daddy D. She worked hard for you as my parents did and I did the same, I was married at 17 and working & going to school.

    How old are you? you might do both, if your 18. work here with us and go to UNR, great school.

    you need to be smart so you can invest the money you make.
  16. UNR

    I am 18! I am currently being a homefry in Nebraska going to PSU while i wait for my friend to graduate h.s.

    I will have to look into UNR.

    I have sent Madam Suzette some pictures of myself! So i hope to hear from her soon!

    My mom says MUAH MUAH MUAH!


  17. Hey Dennis,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I tend to read allot and try any way possible to better myself. I purchased the book you suggested and can't wait till it gets here.

    I have a few business ideas that I'd like to run with. I just need to get a better plan of action going.

    I'm a bit of a perfectionist and quite hard on myself. As I say all the time; "I am my own worst critic."

    If I'm going to do something... I want to do it right and BE THE BEST I CAN BE, ALWAYS! I WANT profit from the hard work! I mean who doesn't, right?

    I will NEVER just settle for GOOD ENOUGH or AVERAGE! I can't...I won't!

    I've always been an independent soul.

    Thanks again!

    Talk soon,
    Smitten Aka JR

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